Welcome to this weeks blog post. It hasn’t been too bad a week but it has been busy and a bit of a blur so here is what has stood out and been on my minf this week.

So the big thing going on in my life at the moment is the play. I say big thing I’m not a main character but I still have rehearsals and it is now less than 2 weeks until the actual show which is scary but exciting at the same time. I am also starting to hear people say they have bought tickets and heard of a group booking as well which is fantastic but is making it all very real. At the start it was something way off in the future but now its really close and very real.  This week I have faced 2 challenges connected with the play. The first is facial hair. Everyone who knows me is aware that I don’t do facial hair. I can grow it but I don’t like it on me. However i have been asked for this role to have some in the form of a moustache. This is my worst type of facial hair as I don’t like them people. I have been told I could have a fake one but I would be worried it came off and if it did i know it would throw me. so with all this in mind this week I thought I would try it and see how quick it would grow and what it would look like. After day one of not shaving the top of my lip there were no comments but it was starting to annoy me already. Tuesday  (Day 2) it was more apparent and I did have one person late on that day notice it. By day 3 I was very conscious of the slug on my face and the urge to shave it off on the morning was very strong but I resisted. I was aware other people staring at it wondering what was going with my face but to shy to ask. I was worried people who didn’t realise it was for the play may have thought I was changing

IMG_1405my appearance because of my new job which is not the case at all. Someone did point it out though on the Wednesday so that was the second person and I now felt more self-conscious than ever. On the morning of Day 4 this is what it looked like on my face. This is not bad for just 4 days of not shaving and I felt quite good that I could manage something masculine. However I was feeling very self-conscious and it was annoying me and I had the urge to shave it off but this time I couldn’t resist and it was gone. I am going to start again sometime this week so I have something for the start of the play but I am now confident that facial hair is not for me. So if you see me this week and you see some sort of hairy slug on my face I am not late/early for Movember I am sacrificing my dignity for sake of art.

The other challenge this week in regards to the play was the rehearsal on Friday night. Performing outdoors leads to many challenges for performers. The biggest is making yourself heard. We have all been working on voice projection and have so far dealt with geese and a few comments from some youths but Friday was on a different scale. Friday was apparently the last day of exams for a lot of students who decided to celebrate by drinking in the park and jumping in the river. Not the best idea and it led to a police helicopter hovering above the park and a large group of youths shouting abuse and laughing at the words we used. I am surprised they understood what we were saying at all as we didn’t use one swear word in a sentence which seems to be a challenge  for the youths of the town. We carried on though with the rehearsal but had to alter somethings to fit in around them. The community wardens did eventually come but just as we were all packing up. I know I’m in danger of sounding like a grumpy man but it is scary to see such behaviour and it only seems to be getting worse.

As the play is getting closer I have been thinking about what I’m gong be doing post play. It will be half way through the year then and  things I want/need to do. So far on my list of things to do from July include lose some weight, eat healthier (which is difficult when I don’t get to do my cooking), move out, start my new job, start work on CILIP certification, go out more, put more effort into trying to get a date, and maybe have some sort of holiday. I realised this week that I still have 4 weeks of holiday to put in for this year. This explains my tiredness I suppose. I would love a holiday of some sort. Ideally just to get away to have some ‘me’ time would be good. I seem to put a lot of expectation on myself and when I think it’s not going to happen I don’t try as much and don’t achieve all I want to. This makes me a bit panicky in my head. A few times this week a few of these to do things came into my head and I gt scared that they may never happen. I just have to try harder.

I went to see ‘Man of Steel’ this weekend. I wasn’t fussed either way about seeing it but I just fancied going to the cinema and thought I would give it ago. Sometimes going to the cinema with no expectations either way is a good thing. It turned out the film was really good. Henry Cavill was perfect as Superman and added a lot to the film on many levels. Amy Adams was also good a Louis Lane however I’m not sure I liked the direction of Louis Lane.  Another performance that stood out for me was that of Antje Traue who plays Faora-Ul. she was very menacing in the film and reminded me of Meg Foster who played Evil-Lyn in the 1984 film ‘Masters of the Universe’. If they ever do another He-Man film and believe me it is about time they did then she would be perfect as Evil-Lyn. Anyway back to the film. I noticed that there were a lot of similarities to other films such as Avatar, Independence Day, Twister, Avengers Assemble, Thor and probably more than this. While I was watching it I found myself looking  at the film from a gay pov. I blame Henry Cavill for this as he is very good-looking and the new suit certainly helps show off his attributes well. On a less superficial note there were a lot of deep and meaningful parts to the film and there was a theme about being different and seeking acceptance from others and making the decision to be honest with others around you about the person you really are. I could really relate to those feelings as a gay man. Anyway it is well worth seeing.

Talking of things flying through the air I want to do a bit of an appeal to you all. I don’t normally do this but it is for a very good cause. My cousins daughter Abbie is going to be doing a tandem Skydive to raise money for the Children’s Heart Unit at Newcastle. I know there is a lot of political stuff going on regarding the CHU’s in the country and I don’t want to get into that. What I do want to say is that when Abbie was born 16 years ago she had a tough start in life as she was born with a heart problem and went through so much surgery at just a few months old. She received treatment at Birmingham but most of it was done at Newcastle where she received fantastic treatment and the support the hospital offered her family was fantastic. She now wants to say thank you and give something back so she is doing a skydive along with her granddad to raise money for the unit. I appreciate times are tough but if you could make a donation to this cause that would be amazing and will send you massive hug to say thank you. If you do want help then please go to http://www.justgiving.com/Abbie-Hodgson .

Well that is it for now. I hope you have enjoyed this  weeks blog and I’ll be back again next weekend to do it all again. so until then bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Horizon: The Secret Life of the Cat

Top Song of the Week – Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Bottle Factory Outing by Beryl Bainbridge