It’s blog time again. It has been another busy week and it is now only a matter of days (arrgh) until the play and I am a combination of excited and a little nervous as well which I am sure will only increase in the last few days. Anyway here is what has been going on in my life and my head this week.

I am 32 and I am slowly starting to be more adult and grown up like. Honestly I am. This year I sorted out my pension. It’s not exciting but its practical and I’m finding that this attitude to life is becoming more common in my thought process. Anyway I got information this week of when my retirement can start and it is January 2046. This messed with my head and I was a mixture of emotions. First it me feel a lot younger than I actually thought I was but at the same time it gave me a sense of my own mortality. Retirement of course doesn’t mean death but let’s be honest it does mean you are a lot closer than you were. This might sound a bit naive but I thought my retirement age might have been later than 65 years old because I thought it had been put back. Theres still time for this to happen anyway. 2046 is a long way away but it will arrive at some point. It has made me realise though that I still have (all being well) lots of things to do and the time to do stuff with regards my personal life and career. This is actually quite exciting and for once I am looking forward to what is to come.

As well as my future and sense of mortality praying on my mind I am looking at my lifestyle and what I could do to improve it. I really need to be healthier with regards to food and this week I have snacked less and eating more fruit and salads and actually enjoyed it. I need to keep this up as from July my focus is to be on my lifestyle and career but it doesn’t hurt to start working on somethings now. I am also going to sort out my clothes as well and try to find a style that actually suits me. Hey as a member of Team Gay this is essential to my membership surely so I need to work on it more. To help with the healthy lifestyle I will also try to do more exercise. I haven’t done any really since the training for the Great North run and I could do with this a little bit. I have started to try to have a short walk at lunchtime just to get out and get some fresh air and some exercise which will do some good.

It has already done some good this week as I helped someone out because of my little walk at lunchtime. I was walking back down Cardiac Hill (it’s a very steep but pretty hill where I work) and at the bottom I noticed a pair of glasses on the floor. I picked them up and handed them in at one of the nearby buildings and thought no more of it. It is what I expect we all would do. The next day at lunch I went for another walk in the same area and noticed a trail of notes all the way up the hill saying someone had lost a pair of glasses the previous day and to contact the person if found with the details provided. This was for me I knew where the glasses were unless somebody else had lost some as well. So I took one of the notices down so I could contact the person when I got back to my desk. I went for my walk and when I got back I e-mailed the person with a description of the glasses and informed her where they were. The following day I got a reply back saying she was very grateful as she was only visiting the UK for 10 days and it would have been very miserable without them and she had collected them and even offered to come to see me to say thanks. I politely replied saying the e-mail was thanks enough. It would have just been socially awkward to see her in person. Us Brits don’t like fuss like that do we. Anyway I was glad to be of help. So not only was the little walk at lunch some good exercise but it also helped someone out.

So I am trying to sort out my lifestyle and professional life and to add to that I am also trying to sort out my summer reading. Summer is a great time to read as most people have some time off work and I would imagine for some people it is the only time of the year they actually bother to read a book. For me summer reading needs planning in advance you can’t just pick any old thing it doesn’t work. Summer to me is July, August and September and I usually avoid anything intense or dark as they belong at another time of the year. So I have gone through my book collection both physical and electronic and tried to come up with a well-balanced list of suitable books and it is tough. I have also asked on social media what books other people on reading to help get some idea of new titles or hopefully they would say a book I have planned to read which means it will get on the list. Some of you reading this might be saying you’re a librarian this is easy but no they are wrong. There is a fine balance between good summer reading and bad. Some genres are obvious such as chick lit but others are not such as biography and non-fiction. Decisions decisions. If you have any ideas of good books for summer reading or advice on how you organise yours please let me know.

Before all this planning with regards to lifestyle and stuff I have the play. The first night is this Thursday and there is a large school party booked in that night. So no pressure at all. I am however really looking forward to it and I hope those  who come along to see it really enjoy it. It is all starting to feel real now. I have seen drafts of the programme, we have dress rehearsals, and there is less than a week to go. If you haven’t booked tickets yet then you still have chance to do so. You can buy on the day but you can also buy in advance as well and tickets can be bought at the Civic Theatre Box office or by phone on 01325 486555.  don’t be put off because it is Shakespeare. Shakespeare is awesome and not as difficult as you think. Also we are doing a shortened version of the play and have modern-day narrators so it will be accessible for all. Anyway that’s enough my shameless plugging. I will see you on the other side of the play. Because of that there may not be a blog post next Sunday. Just keep up to date with my social media for the latest info.

So until then its bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Once Upon A Time

Top Song of the Week – Coldplay – Charlie Brown

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Help by Kathryn Stockett