I know it’s late this blog post and it’s not really a proper blog post either just a quick update for last week. I did however say that might not have been a blog post because of the play but I felt I should still do something even if it is short summary. 

The play was the big thing that took up my time last week really and I want to spend some time talking about the experience more in another blog post so for now I’ll just say it has gone really well and I have had a brilliant time doing it. But I’ll talk about it in another blog post hopefully this week but not promising.

Last week did become one very happy blur and my head is still catching up on everything and once it is all together I can sum up the week for you.

If you came to see the show please leave comments about it I would love to hear what you thought of it. Anything really bad I won’t publish  but I would be interested in your reviews.

Ok that is it for now. I told you it was going to be short but hopefully I will make up for it with the next few blog posts. Thanks for your patience.

Top Programme of the Week – The Graham Norton show

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Kiss Me Kate  – Another Op’nin, Another Show

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Help by Kathryn Stockett