I know it is a few days late but this is the first opportunity I have had to review my New Years resolutions (anyway you are getting a blog post on a Friday so that is special thing).  So here goes my mid year review.

1)Get My own place

So far this hasn’t happened. I did set myself a deadline of September this year but realistically that is not going to happen. I still dream about having m own place and occasionally think about the joy this will bring. I will get there, no I rephrase I need to get there as I really need that next bit of independence. Also it’s not cool still living at home at the age of 32 is it and it certainly doesn’t help with resolution no.3.

2)Go to more live music events.

I included this in my resolutions because last year I only went to one live music event. So far this year I have been to no gigs. I have one planned this month but that is all. I know I am not one of those trendy music types who has a gig everyday  but I should try to go to more gigs.


This area of my life is just not happening. I haven’t been on a date for a very long time. I admit I haven’t put much effort into this area and maybe part of me hopes someone will approach me although that is unlikely. It’s not that I don’t want to but it is just an area I am not very good at. Being gay does narrow your options with regards meeting someone especially in the North East. Also a lot of the guys out there don’t want a relationship they just want fun and that is not me. I have tried online dating but no one seems interested. I know I could go out more but its awkward going on your own and friends are all settled now.

4) Get out more and have fun

I know I have just said I don’t go out much and meet people but I have still tried new things. Getting involved with the play has been the best thing for me and has led to some great experiences and allowed me to meet some fabulously talented people and I have had great fun doing it. It could have been easy for me not to do the play but I did and it has given me a huge confidence boost and that’s because of everyone involved making it a special experience. I just need to keep this enthusiasm up for the rest of the year.

5)Be happier

I wish it could be so simple. I have talked about how good the play has made me feel but earlier this year I was really low. I had never been like that before and was just clouded by self-doubt. Thankfully some friends helped me out of that place and since then I have gained confidence. I would like to say I won’t get that low again but that’s too much to say. What I will do however is to try new experiences and live life more.

6) Have a fitness hobby.

This I haven’t done but really could do with improving my fitness at the moment. I am feeling quite uncomfortable with my body image and I could do with loosing some weight and get a bit fitter. The idea of the gym doesn’t really appeal but maybe some sort of fitness class. So this resolution is still to do.

7)Be more career focussed

I have made progress in this area. I have joined CILIP and will be starting a new role in August as Acquisitions Co-ordinator in a job share role while working the rest of the time in my current role. It will be a great experience and I am looking forward to the challenge.

8)Have a holiday

I once again haven’t booked a holiday this year. I hope to get away for a few days later on in the year. I quite fancy a London theatre break. It’s not a beach holiday I know but at least it would be something.

As well as progress or lack of progress on my resolutions I have at least completed something on my bucket list . The thing I have completed is to perform in a play.  I haven’t crossed off ‘get a promotion’ yet but will do later on.

So overall I have made some progress with my resolutions. I have tried new experiences and I am happier in myself than I was. I have also but some work into my career and hopefully this will continue to grow. I just need to build on this work and have a happier lifestyle. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have completed more of these resolutions.