Well it was back to earth this week after having had a great time with the play. This week wasn’t the total end of the play as we did a performance at a local school on Wednesday and it went ok. I’m going to talk more about the play another time (hopefully during the week). This blog post though is to try to make sense of the other things happening this week.

It is fair to say I am really sad the play is over as I had an absolute blast doing the shows as the rest of the cast were great and certainly helped to make it a great experience. However there is one thing I won’t miss and that is the moustache I had to grow. I only had it 12 days  but it was 12 days too long. I have not had facial hair before. There have been fleeting moments when I thought maybe a bit of stubble would be good but quickly talked myself out of it. I certainly had no intentions to grow a moustache even for Movember. So you can see 12 days was a big deal for me. When our director asked us to have moustache I hope the fear in my eyes wasn’t too obvious. I remember saying slightly stunned ‘Yeah that will ok, no problem’ while inside my head I had gone into panic mode. As I had never grown one before I didn’t know how long it would take and I wanted to leave it as late as possible. I knew I had an interview at work so wanted to wait till that was over. I then tried to grow one which I managed to do for 4 days before I took the shaver to it. Time was running out and I made the decision that at the very least I needed a week so that what I did. I seemed to get a good reaction from most people or maybe they were just being kind either way thanks. Although the play finished last Sunday I knew we had another performance during the week so I had to wait till then to get rid of it. By Monday is was starting to really irritate me and I had to trim it a little bit. I admit the desire to just shave it all off there was strong but I resisted. It lasted till Wednesday night and as soon as I got in from the performance it was gone. The following day it did feel odd not to have it  as I had got used to touching it like some sort of cheesy Bond villain. I also felt I had some how earned some man points for having one. It is rare for me to get any man points but I am fairly sure facial hair is one way to get them. Anyway the facial hair has gone. Would I grow it again? Only for artistic reasons. So if I am lucky enough to be in a play again and it was required of me then yes but otherwise no.

On Monday night I went to the Comedy Gala Night at Darlington Civic Theatre. It was a good night but if I was honest I preferred last year Gala lineup. The stand out performances for me were the host Patrick Monahan, Justin Moorhouse, and a comedy music duo called Ray Guns Look Real Enough, who I really liked but that was probably helped by the fact I found the guy playing the guitar quite cute. They were both good singers though and it was nice to have a change of comedy styles. The headline act was Tim Vine who I have to admit I am not a fan of. This is nothing to do with him personally it is just I don’t like one liners for comedy. Still it was a good night out but also a late one as it didn’t finish till about 11:30pm which is bad for a school night especially as I had been out the night before for the after show party for the play.

This week I have felt quite tired and that was because a lot has happened in the last month and I think it was starting to hit me. Also the adrenaline for the play had kept me going and this week I was back to earth . Anyway I am off this week so I have a chance to rest and recharge my batteries and hopefully by then my head will have caught up with things from the last few weeks.

Finally I can’t do this weeks blog post without mentioning Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon. I was so tense watching the game. Last year when he lost out and broke down like many people I felt for him. Since then he has moved on with his life so much and he now has won the title he wanted. People talk about sports men and women as role models and he certainly is one. It is proof that you will have real low moments but then have some highs if you work at it. Well done Andy!

Well that is it for this weeks blog post. I will hopefully do a post during the week about the play as a lot of people have asked me how it has gone and commented on the confidence it has given me. So I’ll see if I can somehow capture the great experience and put it into words. Until then that’s all folks.

Top Programme of the Week – Wimbledon

Top Song of the Week – Tom Odell – Hold Me

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Help by Kathryn Stockett