I  promised my regular readers that I would blog about my experience of being involved in some local theatre for the first time. The whole experience was a fantastic one and I learnt so much from it as a person. So how do I do it justice? The usual one blog post could be really long and messages could get lost so I will blog over 4 blog posts.

1)Prologue – Why I wanted to do it

2)Act 1 – Audition/Getting a role

3)Act 2 – Rehearsals

4)Act 3 – Performance & Curtain Call

It’s not a review of the show or others involved in it. It is about a 32 year old self-conscious man on a journey of discovery/rediscovery helped along by some fab people. So take your seats switch off your mobile (unless you are reading this on your phone then leave it on) and hopefully enjoy.


For some time now I had been wanting a new hobby/past time especially since finishing at Hospital Radio and I thought about what interested me. The thing that really stuck out was drama. When I little I used to do a drama club on a Monday night. It was really good fun and gave me some confidence which at that time of my life was badly needed (thats’s another story). We did little productions, improvisation, games etc and had a good time. I then stopped the drama group when I started G.C.S.E Drama which I did after school. This was ok and our exam piece was ‘Once A Catholic’ and required me to do an Irish accent which I was very bad at which is proven by the fact I only managed a grade D. I felt quite gutted about this as it was something I really enjoyed doing and to get a low mark really knocked my confidence in my acting ability..  However I was 16 and college beckoned and then university and with it my love for drama without realising it took a back seat.

Jump forward to September 2012 when I started thinking about a new hobby. It had been about 4 months since finishing at the radio and I was trying to think of new things to do and to start a new chapter of my life. One of my problems is that I don’t go out enough and meet new people so if I could find a hobby that gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people I would be on to a winner. After some thinking I knew I wanted to do drama (I had even included it on my bucket list) and the most obvious group was the Operatic Society. However I know my limitations and singing is one of them. So that option was out. So I tried looking for others in the area. I eventually came across Darlington Green Theatre. They usually do one production a year and it’s often Shakespeare. Brilliant I thought sounds perfect. My love for Shakespeare goes back to Junior School when my teacher Mrs Sinden introduced the class to A Midsummer Night’s Dream and some of us were able to do our own version of ‘Pyramus & Thisbe’ for the class. I can’t remember what part I played as we took it in turns but I do vaguely remember being Moonshine at one point. They say a good teacher stays with you and Mrs Sinden was a good teacher and it is down to her that I have a love and appreciation of the arts. I think because of this introduction to Shakespeare at a young age I have never been put off by it and it’s why I believe Shakespeare should be taught from a young age (Are you listening Michael Gove?)

So now that I had found a group I got in touch with them and received a lovely response back saying they were not doing any productions at that moment (September) but they hope to do a production in June/July 2013 and if I was interested they would let me know once they had the details. So that was that and the New Year came and went and I had forgotten all about it until I get a message from them. It said the group would be doing a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and that open auditions would be in February one weekend and I could attend either the Saturday or Sunday. It sounded great and quite fitting that the play they were going to do was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. So I decided to go along to the audition in a few weeks time……

[lights dim] 

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