Act 1 : Audition and getting a role

[To recap so far. A 32 year old self-conscious and slightly socially awkward guy wants to do something new in his life. He looks back at childhood hobbies and decides on drama due to an early introduction to Shakespeare. However he is haunted by the ghosts of his G.C.S.E drama exam and wants to put these ghosts to rest. He finds a theatre group that does Shakespeare and is told about upcoming auditions.]

February 2013

It is a cold February afternoon on a Saturday. There is still some snow on the ground and I approach Voodoo Cafe slightly nervously. I glance in and can’t see many people so I just walk past. I don’t have to do this I say to myself. I have only confided in a few people about going to the audition. Didn’t even tell parents as I didn’t want to make a big deal of it and I’m a bit superstitious. I know it sounds daft but when I plan something it doesn’t always happen so I find its best keep quiet until it’s happening that way I won’t be disappointed. Inside my head the doubts are there though. I’m I just going to make a fool of myself or will I not be suitable, will I fit in etc. Damn you self doubt!.  No , I push theses thoughts to one side and turn around and head back to Voodoo Cafe and walk in. I go to the bar and ask where the auditions are being held. They point me upstairs and I head up. I am one of the first there and I am greeted by the organisers of the group. A few more people arrive and we fill in contact details.

I sit there quietly just taking it all in. More people arrive and we move into a larger room and we all take seats around the room. It is going to be an informal group audition. I remember feeling a bit surprised about this but at the same time I didn’t really know what to expect as I haven’t been in this situation before. The only auditions I have seen have been on TV shows such as Glee, Smash, X Factor and The Biz (anyone remember that on CBBC?). There are going to be 3 directors one for each group , the fairies, the mortals and the mechanicals and there is also a producer. We all have a selection of scenes from the play and are asked to do different parts.

I am not one of the first up and once again sit there quietly observing. It is obvious from the start there is some amazing talent in the room. A couple of the guys really stand out and I am surprised they are not pro’s. I realise it’s going to be tough for me. Anyway I’m here now and there are worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. All of a sudden it is my turn I take a deep breath and take my place. I can’t remember what scene I did first. I do remember my legs shaking a bit but was hoping it wasn’t too noticeable and if it was they would think it was the cold not nerves. It was probably both to honest as the room was freezing. The last part we all had to do was read the final speech by Puck. Although there a lot of strong candidates reading this part ,one person really did stand out and I think surely she’s got the role. However there is another day to go and probably just as many talented people there then.

Now we are finished and told they will let us know in the next week or so. With that we all head off home and I start to evaluate the afternoon in my head and wonder if I have picked the correct people for certain roles. I am clear in my mind that if by some chance I am lucky enough to be involved in the show it will be a small one but that is fine I just would like to be involved but I wasn’t hopeful. I get home feeling quite happy and resigned to the possibility that was it. Although I was nervous about doing it I actually really enjoyed it and at least I gave it a try.

A week later it’s Saturday morning and I am lazing around in my room trying to motivate myself to get ready and to head off and do some chores in town. My phone suddenly lights up and I glance over at it and its a text message from the theatre group. I sit up and open the message. I’m stunned they are offering me the role of Egeus (the father of Hermia) and telling me when the first read through will be. I am not sure of what the role is but I am happy to accept it. I am just pleased to be involved in the play. I know my ability and it is limited and I’m not ready for a big role but being given this opportunity is great. I reply saying I am looking forward to it then grab my copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and look up the role. I then spend the next 30 minutes running downstairs to tell my parents, texting friends, reading about the role online and doing a little and quite embarrassing celebration dance. Already this has given me a confidence boost what I don’t realise at this point is how much more this will happen over the next few months. I then start to wonder who has the other roles…..

 [lights dim]