It’s time again for my weekly blog. I know I have had a bit of a blogging frenzy and posted a couple of blog posts during the week, I hoped you liked them. The remaining 2 of that 4 part series will be done over the next few weeks. Anyway this is this weeks round-up of news and thoughts for the week.

Scorchio!! I know that is tacky saying that but it’s true we are experiencing a mini heat wave. By that I mean its been warm for at least a week and I have been off this week on holiday which is a nice bonus. Usually when I’m off it usually rains so it has been nice to have a week off and enjoy the nice weather. The hot weather has meant I haven’t really done anything and have spent my time outside sat in the garden reading and eating lots of salads. I have finished two books this week so my summer reading is well under way, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll the other week. It has been lovely to sit and relax and recharge my batteries this week but a week is long enough for me to do nothing and can feel the anxiousness building. The hot weather has also meant that I have been wearing shorts. This is a big deal and is something that is not taken lightly. I never jump straight into it, I start with cropped trousers for a day or so then it’s time for the shorts. I of course never wear socks with shorts as that is big fashion no. It’s a shame some people in the town didn’t follow this advice. to any colleagues reading this don’t worry I will have my legs covered  for when I’m back at work.

While I’m on the subject of fashion I want to discuss the trendiness of young people. I know this in danger of making me sound really old (which I’m not just slightly) and I am not a fashion expert (yes even gay guys are not always fashionable – don’t believe the stereotype) but young people are so trendy nowadays. I see people in their 20’s and probably younger who seem to be naturally trendy. When did this happen? Where do they get the money and time to do it. I don’t remember having it that’s for certain. It’s as if Topman has cloned everyone to look like One Direction. I look back at pictures of me at that age and I am a fashion nightmare. My attempt at the curtains hairstyle still gives me nightmares.  I don’t be grudge them with their cool fashion sense  it just makes me feel even more frumpy (can men be frumpy??)and old-fashioned than I did before.

Right I want to have a bit of moan about something. Over the last few weeks something has really irritated me and it is e-cigarettes. They have become really popular and I am sure they do help people pack in smoking. E-cigarettes at first glance look real then even do the smoke effect so when I see someone inside a coffee shop or theatre start using one I get annoyed. If they are meant to be a replacement for the horrible real things then I still expect you to go outside. If you can’t have the real thing inside then you shouldn’t have a realistic replica inside. It still sends the same message that it is acceptable which it is not. It’s not as if there are no other aids which you could use such as the gum or patches when in a public space such as a cafe etc. I appreciate that there are probably no rules for this but I do think public spaces should address the issue and for anyone who uses one please try to be a bit more aware of others around you.

As well as reading and eating salads this week I have been to see Monsters University. I know I know I’m just a big kid at heart. I loved Monsters Inc especially Sulley. It came out while I was at Uni and remember having my own little Sulley (probably another reason I’m single). Anyway Monsters University was good fun although it was interrupted half way through the film as the power to the projector went off – the sooner Darlington get the new cinema the better. Despite this disrupting the experience the film was good and worked for me because of the character Mike and what he wanted from University. I warmed to Mike lots in this film and realised I’m more like him than I realised except I’m not a small and green monster with only one large eye. There were some funny moments especially the dance scene and any film with a university librarian always has my interest. As well as the main feature as it was Pixar there was a short animated film just before the main film called ‘The Blue Umbrella’. This was a lovely sweet and quite wet short film about a blue umbrella who falls in love with a red umbrella. It’s nothing special but very sweet. If you enjoyed Monsters Inc then you should go to see this but don’t expect a Toy Story.

Well that’s it for this week. I’m back at work this week so hope it’s not too hot for the train commute. Anyway thanks again for reading.


Top Programme of the Week – Nick and Margaret: We All Pay Your Benefits

Top Song of the Week – The Wanted – Walks Like Rihanna

Book I Am Currently Reading – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel