Hi again. Thanks for coming back and reading this weeks blog post. I know I said I hoped to do a blog post during the week but I am afraid it is still work in progress but is getting there. Anyway here is my usual weekly roundup. I hope you enjoy.

After a week off I was back at work this week and I was actually pleased about that (honestly I was). I like having the routine and actually doing something and miss my friends from work. I was even missed by the 2 baristas at the station who had realised I had been off. I felt I should have told them I was going to be off. The boundaries between me and baristas are becoming quite blurred I feel.

In last weeks blog I mentioned about my cinema trip to see Monsters University and that half way through the film stopped. Well I contacted Odeon by phone and they spoke to the Darlington cinema who told them it did go off but during the adverts. I informed them they were wrong it was during the film. They then advised me to e-mail my complaint. I did this and get a quick response from head office who have noted it and passed it onto the Darlington branch. My expectations are now low as they had already lied about when it went off. 24 hrs pass and no word from Darlington. I mention it on Twitter and funny enough I get a response from Darlington saying that the film did go off due to a power cut and that they spoke to everyone leaving the cinema and offered any children a free poster (probably one of them from the raffle stand in the entrance). This was all a lie, I left the same time as 5/6 others and not one of us were approached and if they had I wouldn’t have been complaining. I mentioned this in a rather stroppy reply as well as asking how come the film went off during a power cut when the lights actually came on and the sound continued. I haven’t heard back from this reply probably because I ended the e-mail saying the sooner the new multiplex opens the better than this cinema will not be needed. Anyway this weeks award for the worst customer service goes to Odeon Cinemas.

While on the subject of films I have had a bit of a movie weekend. I finally got around to watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. I know I am 12 months too late but hey what can I say. I thought it was good but a bit too cheesy and predictable at the end and what on earth was going on with Tom Hardy. Hey I like the guy (a lot) but really that is not his best role. As well as Dark Knight I watched ‘This Is 40’. This was so-so and I wasn’t sure what genre it was meant to be. It’s described as a comedy but I didn’t find it that funny so in that case it was a bit of failure. also if that’s what happens at 40 I better make the most of the next 8 years. It has been quite good watching a few films as I always feel I am not that big a film buff. I wish I was and after all I spent 3 years at university watching films as part of my degree but I know there is some gaps in my film awareness. So I am going to try to keep up to date with new films when I can. One way I am going to do this is to watch whatever film is number 1 on iTunes on the 1st of each month. If I have already seen it then I’ll watch number 2 even if it is not my usual type of film. I will try to catch up on older films as well and I will start with Oscar winners well after all that is one of my bucket list items. The big aim is to be more culturally enriched or something like that anyway.

Talking of cultural events I went to see The Lake Poets perform with Stanhope Silver Band as part of Durham Brass Festival. It was a great night and was especially good to see The Lake Poets again. I saw them last year when they did there first big gig at the Sage. Since then their success has just rocketed and they are now playing major festivals and on Radio 1’s playlist. This is probably the last chance I will get to see them before they hit the big time and they deserve all that success. If you haven’t heard their music then get a move on and listen to it. Anyway back to the gig. The first half was the support act Sam Fender was who a young guy from the North Shields who has a fantastic voice and looks and sounds a bit like R Patz. I mean this in a good way and I look forward to his first single. Then it was the turn of Stanhope Silver Band to take to the stage. They did a few numbers my favourite being their version of Michael Buble’s ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ as I love that song and is a sort of theme tune for my life sad I know. Then it was the interval and the turn of The Lake Poets or should I say Martin to take to the stage. A few older members of the audience seemed to leave at this point which was a shame as they missed out on a special evening. I noticed straight away that Martin was much more confident on stage than a year ago and that he had grown as a performer. I was pleased he sung ‘Friends’ as it’s one of my favourite songs as it sums up me a few years ago and someone I know now who could do with listening to it. The evening ended with Stanhope Silver Band teaming up with The Lake Poets on a track that Martin had written especially for the night called ‘Vane Tempest’ which was beautiful and very emotional. This was followed by a version of The Lake Poets ‘City By The Sea’. It was the perfect ending to a great night and made me very proud to be from the North East.

Finally I couldn’t do this weeks blog post with talking about the historic decision this week. This was of course Parliament finally making it legal for same-sex marriage. A few months ago the house of Commons passed it and it then went to the Committee stage and then onto the House of Lords. This was always going to be the toughest hurdle and after listening to some of the arguments against same-sex marriage I just got angry at how narrow-minded and stupid some sounded. Thankfully there were more with common sense and it was finally passed this week and then it went back to the House of Commons for a debate before once again being passed at this stage. Then on Thursday 18th July the Queen gave it Royal Assent and it became law. So from next summer it will legal in England and Wales for same-sex marriages to take place except in the Church of England. To put it into context about how big a deal this is ,it was only as recent as 1967 that homosexuality was decriminalised for men (it was never illegal for women) aged 21 and over. Scotland only followed in 1980 (yes as recent as that) but it didn’t come into force until 1981. Since then things have changed a lot and more importantly so has societies attitude to being gay. By allowing same-sex marriage it lets people know that you are all the same when it comes to love and hopefully will allow people to be themselves. Growing up in the 1980’s in a small North East town I didn’t have that experience instead I heard the scaremongering. Hopefully this belongs in the past and soon people will wonder what the fuss was all about. So now what? well I eagerly await my first invite to a gay wedding and secretly hope that one day if I meet the right guy that I could have my own. What the LGBT community needs now is more visible role models. There are successful open politicians, actors, singers, rugby players, journalists, cricket players even religious role models. All of which is good but it is a shame there are no out footballers. For me I’ll just keep being me and be open and honest about my sexuality. If that makes me a role model then that’s what I am. I just hope if you are reading this and are struggling with your sexuality you find that person to talk to. It will be the most important conversation in your life.

Well I think that’s enough for this week. thanks for reading this and I will be back next weekend with another update and I promise to continue working on that other blog post. So until then bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – The Apprentice

Top Song of the Week – The Lake Poets – Edinburgh

Book I Am Currently Reading – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel