Captain’s log, Stardate 28/07/2013 – Destination personal discovery. My mission is to update you all on my journey by doing this weekly blog. This week has dragged and lots to think about. So here it is and how it will turn it out I have no idea.

My bad mood from last weekend resurfaced this week. There was no apparent reason I was just feeling that way and all the little things that could annoy me did. I genuinely hate feeling this way. Anyway it’s all over with for now and hopefully there are better days ahead.

This week of course saw the arrival of the Royal baby which is great news and I am very happy for them. However I don’t need all the e-mail adverts on ways to celebrate the royal baby. Since the birth of the baby I have had e-mails using the celebration of the royal baby as a theme to sell teabags, baby onesies, mugs, oh and my personal favourite from Topman ‘treat yourself to a new outfit’ for the royal baby. Why do I need a new outfit I am fairly confident I’m not going to the christening so I am not buying a new outfit. While on the subject of baby’s I want to congratulate my cousin and his wife on the birth of their baby girl today. Not sure if I need a new outfit for this one or not. I’m sure Topman will tell me if I do though.

I have had a few things on my mind this week. Last weekend my mum asked if I was seeing anyone. I’m not seeing anyone and haven’t for a very long time so was surprised when she asked. However it has played on my mind this week. It’s no secret this is the part of my life hasn’t been eventful and yeah it hurts me but I can see it hurts my parents too. My mam has always said that all she wants from me in life is for me to happy and settled with someone. She wants to know I’m going be ok if anything happens to her. This is one thing I can’t promise and feel I’m letting them down in a big way. They are dealing with me being gay very well and it’s not a problem for them but the no grandchildren thing I see really is hard for them. I see it when they see other family members with their grandchildren. They don’t realise they show it but they do I don’t begrudge them this but it does hit me hard and feel like I am letting them down.  So that’s why being single does bother me because not only do I want to meet someone but I want to my parents know that I will be ok.

Ok on to something a bit more cheerful. This coming week I start a new job/role at work. I am really excited about it as it’s been a long time coming but there is a touch of nerves there as well. I am working with a great bunch of people which makes things a lot easier and I hope I don’t let them down. The new role will mean more responsibility and this is a good thing and I am going to use lists and colour coding a lot. I think it’s a good way to start. Lists solve every problem going I am sure of that. On a more serious note I am happy that my career is moving on a bit. I said that this year I wanted to be more career focussed and this is the first step with this. I have been inspired by some great colleagues who have done similar things and are now doing amazing things and I want a piece of that. So we will see how things go.

This weaken I watched some of the television coverage of the Anniversary Games. It’s amazing to think that it is a year since the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. I remember having an interview for a new job at work on the day of the opening ceremony. I didn’t get the job and it is odd to think a year later I am about to start a new job. It’s funny how things turn out I suppose. I am still inspired by all the achievements for Team Gb during the Olympics. There has been a lot of talk this week about was it all worth it and I say without doubt it was. Before the games the nation was at a low but along with the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics we were lifted and for some people we started to believe in ourselves again. It might not have been the outcome we all thought but it’s still a good one. So I am sad it is all over but I can see the benefit it had.

Finally I want to ask some advice about Twitter. When Twitter really took off a trend started on a Friday called Follow Friday where you would list people who you would recommend to follow with the has tag #FF. I have done this for a few years now and sometimes I get a FF back but it does seem to happen less and less. So I wondered do people still do Follow Friday? Have I been doing something which is actually outdated now? I know there are bigger issues in the universe but I do wonder. I am thinking whether I should continue with weekly FF, or just do it monthly, or stop altogether. What do people think? Either let me know with a comment below or tweet me @TimBuckle .

So that is it for this week. I have spoilt you with 2 blogs in 2 days haven’t I. So this is me logging out of this weeks Captain’s log.

[I don’t know why I have done the whole Captains log thing it was just after 3 years of doing this blog I wanted to start it a bit different]


Top Programme of the Week – The White Queen

Top Song of the Week – Douglas Hodge – A Little More Mascara

Book I Am Currently Reading – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel