Well hello and welcome to my Sunday blog post. It is Sunday right? Well I know if you are reading this after today it probably isn’t but the day I am writing it is Sunday. Don’t worry I haven’t lost it totally it’s just that on Friday morning I woke up thinking it was Saturday and that was really depressing so I’m checking I have the day right. Anyway swiftly moving I hope you are all well and have had a good week. I have had an OK week so here is what has been going on in my life and my mind this week.

First of all a follow-up to last weeks blog post and my views on the new Dr Who. I have had a week to think about it and my views haven’t changed. I don’t think he is right for the role but I may be proved wrong. I do appear to be the only person who thinks he is a bad choice. I do hope I’m wrong for the sake of the show. I will give him however long he is in the Christmas special to convince me. This might seem only a short time or maybe not but that first expression and first word/words often say a lot about what type of Dr Who he is going to be.

Also following on from last weeks blog is to do with clothes to wear for work. At the start of the month I started a new role for part of the week and I felt this would be the time to change what I wear for work. for sometime now I have wanted to dress more like a professional. If you go back to an earlier blog post you will see it is something I have wanted to do. So since starting this new role I dressed in shirt and trousers. This sounds standard for an office based job and yeah it is but in the past I was more casual/smart than smart/casual. Partly because it was practical for the job. Libraries are dusty and dirty so when dealing with books and trolleys and unpacking boxes you get dirty and you need to wear something comfortable and practical However I am at a stage where I’m conscious of image. I never thought that would happen to me. I want to dress smarter for work, lose some weight, basically just look decent. On my daily commute I see other guys dressed immaculate and perfect clothing, toned , thin, perfect skin etc and I know I have a limit but I can improve on somethings. So wearing a shirt and trousers this week has been good for my self-esteem however I didn’t expect comments to last as long as they have. I knew there would be some things said the first couple of days but having worn smart clothes for over a week I was still getting comments. Some were diplomatic and nice such as “I like your shirt” or “is that a new shirt?”. However the comment that I seemed to get the most and annoyed me the most was “Hey Tim you’re looking smart today”. I’m sure in some way that comment is a compliment however in my head it translates into “you normally dress like a scruff bag”. This comment therefore made me feel like a deflated balloon. Initially I just laughed and made a vaguely funny reply but after over a week of comments my patience was getting thin. This is the very reason why I didn’t do it sooner. I have seen it happen to other guys who have got a promotion and made some changes. People don’t seem to get that they/me have made those changes because we wanted to. We might have seen ourselves as a scruff bag in the past but only I have the right to say/imply that about myself. If I changed my clothes before the new job people would have thought I was trying to impress someone ,which if they knew me know isn’t me. Even though I knew I would experience these comments I was still surprised at them. It’s not as if I was wearing something usual for a man at work. I honestly think if I had gone to work in a dress I would have less comments. So yeah I am wearing a shirt and trousers and will continue to do so please get over the shock and move on. Your co-operation on this matter is appreciated. Thank you.

This week for the second time I think they forgot the coffee in my mocha. The last time they did this I realised when I was already on the train and thought this is just hot chocolate and had to call in Starbucks on the way to work to get some caffeine in me. However the following day I went to get my coffee they said they realised they forgot to put it in without me saying anything and I got a free one. This time though they didn’t say anything and I felt awkward saying something to them as I couldn’t prove it to them. The staffs are brilliant and mistakes happen I suppose. Maybe I need to change my coffee on a morning. I have Medio Mocha Flake on a morning. OK it’s not healthy but it’s what I get and now they usually just make it when they see me and I don’t say a word. they have recently been saying “one day you will surprise us and order something different” and maybe I need to and something less complicated. So what coffee should I go for?

On Friday my train commute to work was busy as it coincided with England cricket fans also travelling to Durham for the latest Ashes match which is taking place at nearby Chester-Le-Street. There are trains to Chester-Le-Street but for a lot of the visiting fans this is probably their first visit to the region so just got off at Durham. I was thinking ooh no they are going to have to get the bus now from Durham to Chester-Le -Street which means Durham bus station. Now to be fair there is no such thing as a nice bus station and despite best efforts from companies they still turn into dirty over crowded miserable buildings that attract every chav in a 10 mile radius and makes the experience very unpleasant for any normal bus passengers. I no this sounds snobby but on this occasion I stick by it and deep down you do as well. However my fears were unfounded as the powers that be had arranged for buses to take them straight to the ground from the train station meaning they would never see the bus station and their view possible first view of Durham would still be the beautiful view of the Castle and Cathedral. Really I here you ask would they do such a thing I hear you ask. Deep down you know the answer to that. At least the fans weren’t as annoying I feared they would be. It is fair to say I am not a cricket fan and the Ashes leave me cold. This is a shameful thing in my family as most of the men are cricket fans. I just don’t get it. Apparently I was nearly named after Geoffrey Boycott as my Grandad (God bless him) offered my Mam money is she named me Geoffrey. I thought Timothy was bad but I had a lucky escape by the sounds of it. I can’t see me changing my opinion of cricket anytime soon. I can’t even recognise many famous cricketers the only ones are Kevin Pietersen, Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook (who my Mam says has beautiful eyes but he never looks at people for a long time which is devious) he does have beautiful eyes and I don’t mind if they are devious but that’s where my interest in cricket starts and ends.

This week I had a bit of a reunion/catch up with some people who I did Hospital Radio with. It’s been over a year since I left and haven’t really seen any of them since so it was nice to meet up. We went for a curry and then drink afterwards. It was a really nice night. We had talked about doing this way before I even left the station but trying to fix a date and time was difficult anyway it finally happened and you never know it might happen again sometime. I was a bit sceptical about going as I thought I would start feeling guilty about leaving but no that didn’t happen. I enjoyed my time there but it was definitely the right time to leave. I do miss the people there but this proved I can still keep in touch with them and not do the radio so it’s all good.

I watched a couple of films this week as well. First of all I watched ‘The Heist’ as this was number 1 on iTunes chart on the first of the month and I said I am going to watch whatever is number one on the first of each month. If I have already seen it then I watch number 2 etc. The Heist was the silliest film I have watched in a long time and I don’t know what made Morgan Freeman or Christopher Walken sign up to such a dire film. The other film I watched was ‘Gangster Squad’. Now I haven’t watched many gangster films (I haven’t even watched the Godfather films) so didn’t have much to compare it to. However I found it had some good music, it was slick stylish and had Ryan Gosling who I realised I knew of but haven’t seen in him any films.  I now need to see more of Gosling (I mean his movies tut tut). My recent interest in films is because I realise I have a huge gap in my knowledge of some films and as you may have guessed there are some films which people expect you have seen but are too ashamed to admit that you haven’t. I think I might do a confessional blog post about films I pretend to have seen but haven’t. What do you think?

Anyway that’s it for this week. Hope you all have a good week and do let know what coffee I should change to, what films I should have seen or just comments in general. So until next time bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Who Do You Think You Are : Minnie Driver

Top Song of the Week – Jamie Cullum – Everlasting Love

Book I Am Currently Reading – Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel