Sorry this is a day late but I suppose it is a Bank Holiday Weekend so I might be able to get away with it. In fairness I did start this blog on Sunday but I seemed to have had a bit of a writer’s block. It’s probably because last week was a fairly quiet week for me. Anyway here is my second attempt at this weeks blog post.

Ok where to start well very little has happened. The most exciting thing was the return of the Great British Bake Off. For regular readers of my blog you will remember that last year I became obsessed with the Great British Bake Off and it got me baking my now famous cupcakes. I know that I have just bigged them up and that’s a bit big-headed and to be honest they are not amazing and there are other cupcakes on the market but they are yummy and much nicer than the cupcakes Starbucks are now selling for almost £3!!!! Anyway the programme is back and all day on Tuesday me and my colleagues at work were talking about its return. That’s right if there’s two things librarians know about its books and cake. I am almost certain that it is in the job description some where that all librarians have to be able to bake. So Tuesday night along with 6 million other people I settled down to watch the show. This year there are 13 bakers but all meeting the characters from previous years. So we have the crier, the housewife, the dad, the gay guy, the scientist, the annoying neighbour, the Richard Curtis actor wannabe, the grandmother etc. If you have seen the show you know what I mean (just realised there’s no librarian. BBC sort this out for next year). This year there are no cute guys called James which is a shame (not that was a reason why I watched..honest but I do have a thing for guys called James don’t know why but it seems to be the case). The programme is still as good and what I like is that it brings people together and gets people baking. What I mean is that after the show finished I looked at my timeline on Facebook and realised most of it was filled with my friends talking about the show and pictures of cake they had made were appearing which shows my friends have good taste. Then the next day at work we talked about it as well. I admit I was desperate to start baking this week but our oven is not well and only shuts if you slam the door a few times which is not good for cakes. Hopefully it will be fixed and I can get baking again.

I applied for tickets for the Commonwealth Games which take place next year in Glasgow. I don’t find out until later on in September if I get any. I hope so as I did miss out on Olympic tickets and it is on my bucket list to go to the Commonwealth Games. So fingers crossed I get something. If I did that would be my holiday for next year sorted out.

Talking of holidays I am thinking about a short visit when I have time off in November. I’m thinking London for a few days but it is very expensive especially for accommodation. However its been a long time since I have seen a West End show. The other option is Edinburgh where I could get more for my money by staying in a nicer hotel for longer time. Decisions decisions. Whatever happens I need some sort of getaway I feel I am overdue it.

Part of me also thinks don’t have one and save more money towards my own place. To say I am ready to move out is an understatement. I am even making a list in my head of all the things I need when I move out and when I’m out I shopping thinking ooh that will be nice for my own place. I also daydream about when I finish work at the end of the day going back to own place and the satisfaction of being grown up that brings. Last year I set myself a deadline of September this year to have moved out and be in my own place. That is not going to happen but I am closer financially than I was so that’s something I suppose. I will of course let you know when I do.

Well that’s it for this week. It’s turned out longer than I though it was going to be. Once again thank you for reading and it will be back next Sunday I promise.

Top Programme of the Week – Great British Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Les Miserables – Look Down

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki