Hi another week over and another month. Can’t believe it’s September already. Well I say that but actually I can and it is starting to feel a bit like autumn. There’s definitely that feeling that summer is over. I love the autumn though so I’m not complaining. anyway here is what has been going on in my life and my head this week.

Bank Holiday Monday was a day I did very little. I always see Bank Holidays as a day for doing something you have put off for a while. For me this weeks Bank Holiday was for me to sort out my old iPod so my parents could have it and for me to put all their music onto it. Some of the music was fine but then being given the Heartbeat album to put on was nearly enough for my iTunes to shut down. I know I have some dubious music on my iPod but an album containing Cilla Black and Nick Berry is too much to ask from it. I did put it on for my parents but once I had it has now been removed and I have done my good son bit. I did put some more modern music on for them as well. My mam is now a fan of Mumford & Sons which I think I’m pleased about I’m not sure.

Tuesday it was back to work and back to the morning commute ritual of my coffee. Over the last few weeks I have talked about this and about me wanting to change my order. Usually I don’t get chance as they just see me in the queue and make it. However on Tuesday there was no queue and they were just about to start my mocha flake when I put up my hand in an almost Jedi Master kind of way and said “actually I’ll have a Flat White”. For a moment it didn’t register with them and I was about to say it again when it finally hit them and one let out a shriek of shock and the other said “you are joking aren’t you?”. No I wasn’t joking and they were speechless from then on. I got my coffee and said bye as I usually do leaving them in shock and for me a bit of satisfaction for how enjoyable this was. The next day it was the baristas on and they asked if it was my old order but in a more cautious manner. I said “no I’ll have a Flat White thank you” and since then they have asked if I want a Flat White. I do realise that there is the danger that the same think will happen with my new drink so I might have to keep changing it. So that’s one of my routine broken a bit this week. Next do I trying chatting to other train regulars and break the commuting code?

This week I finally got around to booking a few days away in November. After a lot of searching I finally found a decent and affordable hotel and train tickets to London for 3 nights. I am so looking forward to it. I haven’t been away for a while and London is my favourite city. It wasn’t easy to do though. Trying to find decent and affordable accommodation in London is a big challenge especially if you are a single person. Being single is bad enough but then you get hit by the single room supplement or if you book a room it would have been cheaper if 2 had shared it. Grrr!! Anyway its booked now and I will hopefully have a nice time and clear my head.

I certainly need to clear my head as I need to work out the next phase for me. I have had this sudden feeling of getting old. Maybe I’m getting mixed up between getting old and maturing I don’t know but whatever it is I feel I’m losing part of myself. Wearing smarter clothes for work is great and does make me feel more confident but I need to find a smart style that is also reflective of my personality I don’t want to lose my identity. II am finding when I clothes shop now that the clothes in M&S are looking appealing and I am looking for comfortable and practical clothes. What is happening to me? I also know I could do with losing some weight and getting fitter. Basically it’s that little bit of anxiety thinking is this it now. No more nights out, pension plan, comfortable clothing, growing old on my own with a cat. I hope not as I’m not ready for that yet I’m only 32 for goodness sake. Sorry I know it sounds stupid but I think I didn’t do much of fun stuff when I should and I know it probably is too late now but I don’t want to accept it. Maybe I need to shake up more of my life not just my morning coffee routine.

Well that’s it for this weeks blog post. I have a week off this week so you may find I get around to posting the final part of my play blog. I’m not promising anything though. Anyway it’s bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – X Factor

Top Song of the Week – Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Book I Am Currently Reading – Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson