Welcome back to my weekly wordy blog post thing. For those of you who read last weeks and were expecting the final part of my ‘acting experience’ blog post well I’m sorry it never materialized this week. It is in progress however so will be with at some point. any how this is what has happened in the last week for me.

I have had a week off work which is lovely but haven’t done much at all and have a touch of guilt about this. I seem to be quite with time off work. I don’t usually plan a trip away but do put in weeks off which is nice and I always have the idea I will be busy and do things but in reality I just lounge about on the morning then drag myself off out for coffee. I have at least got plans for my November annual leave which I am looking forward to.

The one day this week I actually did do something was on Tuesday when I took my mum to see the Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition at Durham. I wasn’t too bothered either way about going. It is a great thing to have up here in the North East (where it should be may I add) but I had heard so much about it leading up to its arrival the excitement had gone a little. My mum however was keen to see it her words were “it can’t come to Durham and me not see it” which translates to you are going to take me. This is what 32 years as her son has taught me so being the dutiful son I booked the tickets and we went this week. If you are wondering why my Dad isn’t going it’s because it did not interest him in the slightest so it was all down to me.

Now I don’t drive so we got the train to Durham and waited for the bus that goes from the train station to the Cathedral. Now I would normally walk however my mum would struggle with the big hills so that’s why I got the bus. While waiting for the bus there were a lot of other ladies waiting for bus all armed with their bus passes. They then turned to me and asked when the next bus was coming. It was if they knew I worked in Durham. I kindly told them the times and just at that moment the bus turned up and we got and they all showed their passes and got on. I said to the driver “don’t worry I have to pay” and he replied “yeah your way to young to get on free”.  That made me feel quite good. We sat down and the bus went to the next stop in Durham. At this stop loads more ladies with passes got on board and I quickly realised I was going to have to give up my seat on the bus.  As more got on I realised I had no choice so stood up and gave a lady my seat. The bus was now full as all headed off to the Cathedral. As I was holding on I realised that I was the only person on the bus who had actually paid and I had given up my seat. I know its good manners but surely it’s not fair is it. The reason why it was so busy was because not only is the Gospels Exhibition on but there was a flower festival happening in the Cathedral which is where most these ladies were going [more on this later]. We got off the bus and waited in the queue for out time slot for the exhibition.

The actual exhibition for the Lindisfarne Gospels is really good and is a great collection and is worth seeing. I’m not just saying that because I work there honest. It is about the North East heritage and culture which we should be proud about. Like all good exhibitions/museums there’s a gift shop too what more do you want. I only bought an Emma Bridgewater mug. I wasn’t going to but I do love her designs and maybe when I do get my own place I can add to this collection. There is also a gallery upstairs from the exhibition which is about how the gospels were produced and shows work from local schools as well as having an interactive touchscreen version of the Gospels. I was near this when a lady said excuse me can you help me with this. I quickly looked to see if I had somehow put my lanyard or name badge on but no, I obviously looked like I work in a library which I do. So me and mum sat down and I basically went through the whole Gospel with her. Maybe I should have volunteered for the exhibition after all.

After our visit to the exhibition we went to the Cathedral as we thought while we are here we’ll have a look in. I’m lucky I see this building everyday I go to work. My mum loves this building and it is a special place for her. We go inside and it is full of flowers for the flower festival. However when we went to go to look around the Cathedral it was roped off with staff on with tills asking for a ‘voluntary £5 donation’. It might have been voluntary but there was no way through without doing so. We decided not to as we weren’t bothered about the flowers we wanted to look around the building which is after all a place of worship and sanctuary and you should not be pressured in this way to donate. I know they have to look after building and I do contribute during the year when I visit but when I choose to not when pressured. I offered to pay for my mum as I knew how much she would have liked to but she said know. We were able to go into the cloisters and where Bede’s tomb is but that was it. It was a shame about this as it did spoil the visit. I know many Cathedrals and Minsters and Abbeys charge and I disagree with that. No matter what your belief is they are buildings for escape and reflection and money should not be asked for even if an event is on.

The other thing I did do this week was have a sort out of some rubbish in my room. A few months ago I did some tidying up of a corner of my room and there was still some things to sort out. So this week I had another go at them. I managed to get rid of a lot of rubbish and have added to my shredding pile at the same time. However it was quite dusty and I was having major sneezing fits. It got so bad I just had to stop as it was hurting so much. Anyway I did get it sorted and I have stopped sneezing as well.

As I was off I also decided I would do some baking. I realised I haven’t done any since March so this weekend I made some of my usual cupcakes. They did look ok and tasted alright but they were not as good as normal. The mixture wasn’t the same as normal, and I had issues with the icing. If I had been doing them on The Great British Bake Off I would have been the one almost crying into his sprinkles saying “I just don’t understand why”. I obviously need some more practice and have to get my baking mojo back. So much for the diet then.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for reading and I promise I will get that other blog post done as soon as possible. Until next time then I guess.

Top Programme of the Week – Strictly Come Dancing

Top Song of the Week – All-American Boy – Steve Grand

Book I Am Currently Reading – Bellman & Black by Diane Setterfield