Hello blogsters! I hope you have had a good week. It’s not been a bad week for me really but my energy levels are flagging. Anyway here is what has been going in my life and mind in the last week.

I seem to have shaken off the cold I had last weekend (fingers crossed anyway) but still feel tired. I feel if I was due an MOT I wouldn’t pass. Hard to say why but my body doesn’t seem to be in tune with itself. I think I need a holiday, more sleep and some multi vitamins. anyway that’s enough whingeing for now as I have had quite good week and don;t want to spoil it too much.

On Tuesday evening I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at Newcastle Theatre Royal.  Now for those of you who read my film confession blog you will know I have never seen the film and only know a few songs from it, so I didn’t have much to compare the stage version with. The star of the show was Paul Michael Glaser who played Tevye. As I hadn’t seen the film I didn’t realise that he actually featured in the film but as Perchik. It was a great production and other standout performances go to Karen Mann who played Golde, Jon Trenchard who played Motel, Steven Bor who played Perchik, Daniel Bolton who played Fyedka and of course not forgetting Jennifer Douglas who played the Fiddler.  The show was warm and funny but tinged with sadness due to a very sad and true historical backdrop of persecution. The musical also features one of the most hilarious and bizarre dream sequences that I couldn’t possibly describe in words. I left the theatre with my friends battling through university students on our way to the station with the song ‘Tradition’ going around my head and wanting a cap like Perchik wears.

This week I really felt that autumn had arrived. The nights are getting dark early, there’s a chill on an evening, all the TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Downton Abbey and X Factor have all started. The other thing is that Starbucks have started their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Well they are more previewing it for Starbuck card holders for a week before it’s a official launch. It is lovely to have it back. It is autumn (or should that be the Fall) in a mug. Sadly it is only here for a month then the Christmas drinks arrive early November. As well as it reminding me of autumn it also reminds me of 8 years ago when I went to Florida at this time of the year and had my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte. America really celebrates autumn well we don’t for some reason and I think we should. It is my favourite time of year. I am also starting to think about autumn clothing which means jumpers and scarves and I am continuing my hunt from last year for the perfect slippers as I never found any last year. I hope to find them this year as I have been Cinderella for too long.

I have had a busy week at work as it is almost the start of term and I haven’t had much chance to stop and do other things. I got to this weekend realising that I hadn’t booked an appointment to get my hair cut. It was too late to get an appointment with my usual hairdresser so had to try a different salon. This is not a bad thing but I do feel guilty as I do like my usual place. Anyway I manage to get an appointment at another hairdressers. I get there on Saturday morning and realise I recognise the hairdresser. He has been on Big Brother. He asks what I want doing and suggests some ideas, he also mentions my receding hair and asked if it bothered me. It doesn’t bother me but don’t want it said out loud. Anyway its all fine and I do get a great head massage and even a back massage as the chair was one of those massaging chairs (I admit at first I did think it was phone on vibrate but realised it wasn’t as it shouldn’t have been in that location.  While he was cutting my hair he started talking about TV shows especially reality TV shows such as The Voice and the X Factor. I now am faced with a social dilemma I never expected to be in do I say I recognise you from Big Brother or do I stay quiet. I decided to stay quiet about it, even though I felt he wanted me to say something. I have to admit it was the most surreal experience I have had in a longtime. It’s not everyday you discuss reality TV with a former reality TV star while getting your hair cut is it.

Well that is it for this week. I will be back next weekend with another weekly round-up. But until then I will make  my exit.

Top Programme of the Week – Gogglebox

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Fiddler on the Roof – Matchmaker

Book I Am Currently Reading – Quiet: The Power of introverts in a World That Can’t Stop by Susan Cain