Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It has been a long week. When I was thinking about what I had been up to this week I kept thinking some things had happened the week before but actually no it was all this week. So here is what has been happening in my life in the last seven days.

After weeks of waiting I finally heard on Monday about tickets for the Commonwealth Games. Sadly I wasn’t fortunate enough to get any of the tickets I applied for. It is a shame as it would have been good and it is after all on my bucket list but I am sure there will other times. There was obviously a lot more Tom Daley fans out there than I realised. However on the plus side It did mean I could book a ticket for a second show in London when I visit in November so things aren’t all bad.

It was a busy week at work as it was Freshers Week and this means the annual crazy week of Freshers Fair. Anyone who has been to Uni ail have experienced Freshers Fair. It is where you sign up all the clubs and societies and collect as much free stuff as possible. It always amazes me the range of products that are given away at Freshers Fairs. Over the years  have seen a lot of bizarre freebies these include boomerangs, pizza, eye patch, glitter bugs, boxer shorts and a furry Chlamydia bug (I kid you not).  Freshers Fairs are obviously aimed at new students but older students also go because they want freebies as well. You can always tell the difference between the two when you are manning a stall. New students are usually very polite and shy and reluctant to take a freebie as they think there is a catch. Older students are just straight in there to get the free stuff.  It’s all good fun in crazy sort of way. Theres always a special buzz at this time of year and I start reminiscing about when I went to University. It is a long time ago now but it was a good time in my life and I’m quite privileged I get relive this a bit each year with my job.

One of the stalls at Freshers Fair was the Nightline support service. This is a fantastic service for students and offers so much help to a lot of people and should get more credit for the work it does. One of the campaigns they did early on in the year was secret postcards where people would decorate, write on a postcard anonymously and sent it into Nightline. They had some of the cards at Freshers Fair and in a quiet moment I had a look at some of them. They were so moving and done in such a simple and effective way. I hope those who took part found them helpful. I know from experience just writing down the thing that troubles you makes it a bit easier to deal with. It is good to know Nightline is there for people when they need it. Starting university is an exciting experience but it is big change in your life. I look back at my first year at university and I really struggled the first year. I didn’t realise at the time but with hindsight I can see this. Like many things it gets better over the years and University was the making of me like it is for many people but I still missed a lot of chances to really grow. It was the first time I had questioned my sexuality but wasn’t ready to come out . Hopefully the new students will make the most of their experience.

As well as reminiscing about university I have been feeling quite nostalgic. During the week I have thought about grandparents, the house I grew up in, old school friends, and even thinking about my future and what about what I want from myself and life. Maybe it is a sign of getting old I don’t know. My dreams for the future hurt more than the past though. But hey we all have these moments and we just have to see what happens. Maybe I should do some secret cards about my hopes and fears.

Anyway moving onto something a bit more fun. During my regular weekend visit to Starbucks this week I discovered something new in the cake world. It is a Duffin. It’s a mix of Muffin and Doughnut.  It is the shape of a muffin but sugary on the outside like a doughnut. The texture of it though is more cake than doughnut but tastes delicious and has the jam inside. I am sure Starbucks weren’t the first place to do it but whoever it was is a baking genius.

Well that is it for this week. I hope you have enjoyed it. I am planning on doing a special blog post this week for National Coming Out Day on the 11th October. So you will hopefully get two blogs this week you lucky things.

So for now I will say ta ra!

Top Programme of the Week – Under the Dome

Top Song of the Week – Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo

Book I Am Currently Reading – Quiet: The Power of introverts in a World That Can’t Stop by Susan Cain