Hi everyone and welcome this weeks blog post. I hope you have all had a good week. Well here is what has been going on in my life and mind in the last week.

The running theme of tiredness is still there this week. It wasn’t helped by the smoke alarm in our house going off on Monday night for no apparent reason. It is good to know that it works in the sense that it woke me up which is one of its purposes but I would appreciate it not going off unless there was an actual emergency. We checked around the house and there was no smoke or heat anywhere. Afterwards it took me a while to get back to sleep as I was trying to say awake in case something was up. It all seems ok now which is good I suppose and we are going to get it checked out. This isn’t the only reason I am tired or having bad night sleep but it was just an added thing. I think I might try to book an appointment with a Dr when I’m off but after London. Can you get a M.O.T for humans?

On Friday it was National Coming Out Day. This isn’t some sort of gay recruitment drive (because you don’t choose to be gay you are born gay). Instead it is about the LGBT community sharing their experiences of coming out to help get the message out to others who are questioning their sexuality that it’s ok and they are not alone. I did a special blog post for National Coming Out Day to talk about some of the things that stop people coming out. I hope people found it useful whether you are straight or gay. If you are straight then it might help you understand that friend who is battling with this because they need you at this scary but exciting time in their life. If anyone reading this did come out this week then well done and you can now start being you for the first time.

This weekend I made an impulse purchase of two Disney DVD’s. They are Tangled and Aladdin.  It was a 2 for 1 offer and mainly wanted Tangled. I have seen it before and really like the film especially the music in it. I love the song ‘When Will My Life Begin’ as I ask myself that a lot. This was part of the reason for the impulse purchase but also sometimes Sunday afternoons are just built for a Disney film. Eight years ago today I was over in Florida visiting Disney and the other parks as well my cousin’s wedding and maybe this is playing on my mind. whatever the reason I really enjoyed watching the film again today.  While watching it though I start wondering if Disney would ever do a film with a same-sex couple as the romantic lead. Maybe one day but not for a long way off yet.

On Saturday I set up FaceTime so that my mam and me could speak to my relatives in South Africa. It was my Great Aunt and Uncles 50th Wedding Anniversary and there was a party for them. My aunt has gone over and is visiting them but we were unable to go so this was the next best thing. It was lovely seeing them especially my Great Uncle as I he hasn’t visited the UK for years. They were having a great day which was the main thing. I did feel a bit sad that I wasn’t there but also because my Great Aunt reminds me of my Nanna (she was her sister) and it is like there is part of her still here. Maybe one day I will get to go back over to visit them.

Right I think that is it for this week. Well I have spoilt you with 2 blog posts this week haven’t I. Well then until next week that’s what they call a wrap.


Top Programme of the Week – Gogglebox

Top Song of the Week – So Emotional by Whitney Houston

Book I Am Currently Reading – Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen