Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. The last seven days seem a blur to me but I think in a good way. I will let you decide. The St Jude storm has now gone which is a good thing and hopefully you all kept safe. The North East was lucky and didn’t get hit by the storm but I know readers of my blog from the South were not so lucky. Anyway here is what I have been up to or been thinking about this week.

First of all I am going to get something off my chest. It has been bugging for a few weeks now and I want to put it out there. Those who know me know I like Strictly Come Dancing. It is a great show with some brilliant dancers and it is the campest thing on TV. This year there are new dancers and one of them is called Kevin Clifton. He is a brilliant dancer and probably my favourite dancer on the show now. Sorry Pasha 😦 .The thing that is annoying me is that Sir Bruce keeps calling him Kevin from Grimsby. He only does this for Kevin , no other dancers. I thought the first week he is just having a laugh but it keeps happening and I am getting offended by it. I am sure he means nothing by it but it is not funny and I wish he would stop. It is as if that because he is from Grimsby/the North he shouldn’t be a good dancer. Where he comes from should not matter and I think the show need to start calling Kevin by his name and not where he is from. Ok I feel better now I have got that off my chest.

This week we had to take my cat to the vets. We noticed last weekend the area under her nose looked really sore and slightly swollen. So on Monday my parents took her to the vets. They gave her an anti inflammatory and some antibiotics to giver over the week. The vet also said she needs to lose some weight which is true. I was dreading trying to giver the medication  as all pet owners know it is not easy and if a cat doesn’t what to eat something it won’t . Luckily we have managed to mix it into her food well so she is eating it and she is a lot better. What she isn’t happy with is less food. We are giving her the amount the vet has said but that means at some point during the day her bowls are empty and she does not like this. She will of course get used to it but I do feel guilty and I would be just the same if it was me.

I had an impromptu visit to the theatre this week. It was to see Darlington Operatic Society’s latest production ‘Strictly Musicals’.  Regular readers will know I have been to see the Darlington Operatic Society a number of times and have always been impressed by the shows. I wasn’t planning on going to see this show because generally I don’t like songs from the show shows. I like my musicals to have some sort of story. It is a personal taste that’s all. However I was offered a ticket last-minute and it is hard to turn down a trip to the theatre so I went. I had a really good time and the talent in that group of people is unbelievable. Stand out performances were from Beth Stobbart (this girl oozes leading lady star quality), Ben Connor, Nick Holmes and Leighton Taylor, Jason Slater, and Claire Willmer. It was a great mix of musicals from old to the new. Even for me a huge musicals fan (not stereotypical one bit) there were songs I didn’t know and have now looked them up and listened to. The Fosse dance sequence was brilliant and probably my highlight of the show. So well done to Darlington Operatic Society for another great show and I am glad I went. Also thank you to the friend offered me the ticket I do appreciate it.

This week saw that time of the year where we all try to scare ourselves a bit and eat lots of sweets that have not been collected by trick or treaters. I course mean Halloween. We had sweets ready for any trick or treaters but we seemed not to get any so that means we will just have to eat them. I don’t usually do much for Halloween but I do try to watch something Halloween related. This year my viewing was ‘Ghostwatch’. Back in 1992 I was 11 years old and on a Scout camp. We were staying indoors and we watched Ghostwatch followed by the movie The Fog. Now for those of you who watched Ghostwatch in 1992 you will know what reaction this programme caused. I was child and had grown up watching Going Live with Phillip Schofield and Sarah Green.  To see Sarah Greene in Ghostwatch traumatized me as a child and quite possibly a generation. I think it might even still hold the accolade of the most complained about TV show on the BBC. At the time we thought it was real and there were lots of criticism and blame towards the BBC. It of course wasn’t it was all set up but it was still scary. I hadn’t seen it since its first broadcast but a work colleague lent me his copy on DVD . So 21 years later I relived the horror of the show. I of course knew it was all fake now (although Sarah Greene has since disappeared from the TV) but it still scared me 21 years later. How the BBC got away with the programme I don’t know. It was good to watch it again though.

Well that is it for this week. I am off work for a week now and have a busy week planned but I’ll talk about that next week. so until then bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Live from the National Theatre: 50 Years on Stage

Top Song of the Week – Katy Perry – Roar

Book I Am Currently Reading – North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell