Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. I hope you all enjoyed my special post yesterday about Doctor Who which I did for the 50th anniversary. Anyway this is the regular weekly blog post so sit back and find out what I have been up to this week and what has been on my mind.

I can’t believe it was only a few weeks ago that I was off and having a good time in London. It seems such a long time ago now and I am now looking forward to my next break as I am quite tired at the moment. It is not helped by having a bad nights sleep most nights this week. I would try to get an appointment at the Doctors but it is impossible to arrange an appointment if you work so will have to wait until I am off in a few weeks time unless it is better by then. It’s nothing serious but I do think I need to get it sorted.

I have had a busy week at work this week. I had a visit to Leeds on Wednesday for a conference/networking event which was good. I usually find I struggle at these type of events especially when there is a network lunch which requires been able to eat often quite fiddly food while trying act professional and talk work with other people. Most of the food was quite easy to eat although the little greek salad was a bit tricky and I think I managed to get away with it but not sure. It was good to talk to other people who work in the same field as me as it is good to see what others and doing. Although I avoided getting any business cards at this event it does seem to be something I am collecting. I don’t have one and don’t plan to but I do seem to have collected a number of them since starting my new job. I didn’t think business cards were still used but obviously I am wrong.

I mentioned at the start of this blog I did a blog post for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who which was yesterday. I had been poking forward to it all month and had been doing a daily countdown on Twitter and Facebook. I’m sure my friends and followers (that still sounds odd) will be glad I have stopped now. I don’t want to say too much about the episode in case anyone reading this hasn’t seen it so I will try not to do any spoilers. I did enjoy the programme although it was a little slow to get going and the Elizabeth I thing wasn’t needed. I would have liked an acknowledgement to Sarah Jane Smith as that has not happened since Elisabeth Sladens death and they did do something for the Brigadier. Other than that I loved the programme and liked the links between the classic and modern series and it has helped set up the future story lines well for the show. It was also great to see David Tennant back in the TARDIS where he belongs. I am sure the show can last another 50 years.

I have been finding that the weekends just disappear so fast and I am struggling to find time just for me. Saturdays are usually busy with me doing shopping for my parents and then tidying up my room. So it is suavely Sundays that are the day I can just switch off and relax. This Sunday (today) I said I would set my parents new broadband hub. I am not a computer genius but I do know this should be a 10 minute job. 3 hours later and I still couldn’t get my parents laptop to connect. My MAC Book was fine, no problem, my parents old laptop with windows VISTA (yeah that’s right VISTA) just didn’t want to connect. I am going to have to update some drivers or something. In the meantime the original hub which was working fine in the first place is now reinstalled and working fine and I have just wasted my afternoon. It just sums up the week I have had very well.

I mentioned in last weeks blog post about how quickly Christmas and New Year are coming around and I was trying to think about what to do for New Year. I have looked at going away but every where is so expensive so it looks like it is me staying in with a glass of wine and the film ‘New Years Eve’ (it is the only way I’m going to spend my New Year with Zac Efron isn’t it). Hopefully next year I will be in my own place so can have a New Years Eve party of my own. I just worry I’m getting too old before my time.

Anyway that’s it for this week. Hope you have enjoyed both blog posts this weekend and I will be back next Sunday. Until then it is bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who – Day of the Doctor

Top Song of the Week – Kate Rusby – Village Green Preservation Society

Book I Am Currently Reading – Mountains of the Moon by I J Kay