Hi everyone hope you have had a good week. Here is what has been on my mind this week and what I have been up to.

First of all I want to say that after a years search I have finally found some slippers. Regular readers of my blog will know I have been trying to find the perfect slipper (not quite like Cinderella and they certainly didn’t arrive with Prince Charming). I was looking for slippers that had backs, did not look like something an old man should wear and I wanted Fair Isle style pattern. After a years search I have comprised on the style of slipper but everything else is ok. IMG_2028

I am quite pleased with them as they are the design I wanted and they are very cosy and are certainly not for an old man.

Talking of not being like an old man I got my hair cut this week. It was long overdue and was getting out of hand or as my Mam said “looking like an old man”. I know what she meant because it just had no style or shape to it and I was feeling like I was in my 50’s rather than my early 30’s. I got it cut at my usual salon rather than by a former Big Brother winner. However when I booked it I couldn’t remember the name of the person who usually cuts it. It was one of two and I ended up booking it with the other one rather than my usual. I don’t mind too much but did feel a bit guilty especially as the other hairdresser remembered me Oops. It turns out though that basically most of my life I have been brushing my hair to the wrong side. Apparently everyone’s hair has a certain direction it goes in. I thought my direction was in retreat the way it is disappearing but apparently not. Anyway it feels better now it is cut.

As it is now December I have started getting some Christmas stuff done. So I have started Christmas shopping and bought some Christmas cards, I have bought some Christmas blend coffee to go in my Christmas mug and I have put my Christmas music onto my iPod. It is nice to  start the Christmas build up now. I don’t feel very Christmassy at the moment though that will come once it gets a bit colder. 

This weekend I went to the cinema to see ‘Saving Mr Banks’. This is the story of how Disney got the rights to Mary Poppins and more importantly about what the story is about. It is a great film and I would give it 4.5/5. I am sure others all disagree with me but for me it worked well. I give credit to Disney for not showing Walt Disney in the perfect light you would have expected but they could have done more. Still it was a lovely film and has made me want to watch Mary Poppins and read the book.

As well as enjoying the film I achieved something that I and probably a lot of other cinema goers have dreamt of and that is to have the cinema all to myself. There was just me in the screening. It was great! Don’t get me wrong I am not totally anti social and I do sometimes go to the cinema with mates but I have no problems going on my own. It has nearly happened before but usually at the last-minute someone else comes in. This time no one did and I could enjoy the film without people talking, texting, checking Facebook etc. There are a few reasons why there was just me in the screening. 1)It was the early showing and was in screen 2 not the big screen. 2)Christmas shopping. The town was full of Christmas shoppers so that probably helped 3)It wasn’t a blockbuster film. It was really interesting but doesn’t have vampires or werewolves in so the teenage market won’t bother it. Anyway it was nice to have that rare experience as it might never happen again.

This experience leads me onto the thing that has been on my mind for a while and that is my personal life. I think it is fair to say that recently I have put this to one side and I need to do something about it. I need to start socializing more and having fun otherwise I am really going to become an old man. It’s not that I haven’t had opportunities I have had some but I have turned them down and have gone back into myself and then this often leads to not being asked to do other things. For the next few weeks Christmas stuff will keep me busy but in the New Year I need to put the focus back on my personal life as at the moment it is D.O.A  and it is starting to get me down. I should be having some sort of social life at my age but I have let it drift to one side and I need to get this right and put myself back on the road to a more happier me.

Well that is all for this week. Thanks for reading and I will be back again next week.

Top Programme of the Week – Marvel Agents of Shield 

Top Song of the Week – Glee Cast – This is the New Year

Book I Am Currently Reading – Mountains of the Moon by I J Kay