(not declaring my weight, 0 units of alcohol drunk, Don’t smoke, and I have no idea how many calories) 

Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. I’ll explain the Bridget Jones style start to the blog later. But first this week has been less intense but the emotional storm from last week was still there at the beginning of the week but less severe. Now it is at the calm and tidy up stage. Thank you for the comments for last weeks blog post they were all very helpful. Anyway this is what has been happening this week.

The start of the week wasn’t great partly because of stuff playing on my mind some of which I talked about in last weeks post but other stuff I didn’t. As well as this the family received some sad news. So overall It wasn’t a good time and my emotional defences were down and I reacted badly to some things that I shouldn’t have which just added to the bad feeling. So to avoid anymore bad situations I avoided other people. Just kept to myself for a few days. Because I was feeling this way I also was thinking about not going to the Christmas party which was at the end of the week. It seems a bit of an over reaction but I wasn’t feeling Christmassy and just didn’t feel it would be right to go. I did however go in the end and I’ll talk about that later on. It was fair to say I was definitely in the ‘unhappy friend draw’ at the start of the week.

With all this going on in my mind it is hardly surprising I don’t feel Christmassy. I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit though. I really do need to finish the book I am reading so I can read my annual Christmas read of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. I have really struggled to get hooked on a book for a while now so everything is becoming a struggle.  Do let me know if any of you have a book you have to re read every Christmas time.

I am enjoying my LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar though. It is good fun putting new mini projects together but first thing on a morning is a challenge. I did intend to do it as soon as I got up on a morning but some of the creations are quite tricky so therefore I am always relieved when it is just a mini figure to put together. I might have to do it again next year.

On Friday it was a double Christmas event. First of all at work it was Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children. This is the second time we have taken part and it is always good fun. Someone did say it was like working with a load of Bridget Jones’ with all the Christmas jumpers (do you get the earlier reference now). It is not the first time Bridget Jones has been used to describe me. Minus the smoking and big knickers I am pretty much her but the gay male equivalent. Anyway it was good fun to do although a bit hot.

The other Christmas even on Friday was the work Christmas party . I mentioned at the start of the blog post how I was feeling earlier in the week and at one point I wasn’t going to go. However I did and it was a good night and well organised. Having tried organising something like this in the past I know the difficulty and stress involved so anyone who does it has my full respect. We had it at the same place as last 2 years and it has always been just what we needed. Decent enough food, cheap and a cheesy disco. This year it would be the last year we would be there as it is closing down at the end of the year. The food was ok but I do have issues with the disco. There was too much hippy hoppy, r’n’b, dance remixes of music and not enough cheese. To add insult to injury the DJ seemed oblivious to the fact that he had played the same song 2 or 3 times and not long after each other. He only looked up from playing solitaire on his laptop when someone made a request which he seemed to ignore. After 2 hours of waiting for my request which was Lady GaGa’s ‘Applause’ I still hadn’t heard it but had heard ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and ‘I Got A Feeling’ a number of times. I love a good disco. I am not a great dancer and like many others I resort to dancing in a circle shuffling from side to side. It only took 3 songs to get me on the dance floor but I actually didn’t dance much as there wasn’t much worth dancing to. I was quite glad I had arranged a an early lift home as I was ready to go. I did get the chance to talk to some colleagues which I haven’t done for a while. Still don’t feel Christmassy though.

Maybe I will this week as at work it is a short week for me. I am only in Monday and it is also Secret Santa day. I love doing Secret Santa but I do get worried about opening my present as I struggle to hide my reaction if it is bad. I don’t usually mind what it is as long as it is practical. Joke gifts don’t usually go down well with me. One year I could tell from the shape of it that it was a calendar and I had a worry it would be an awkward situation and receive a calendar either inappropriate or not for me. This happened once at Uni  where I got a Caprice calendar. Yeah obviously it had no interest for me although I wasn’t out at the time, but to make it even more pointless 2 of the pages had been taking out because it was over the price limit we had set so that knocked it down to the limit. Oh well it was meant well I’m sure (or not). Anyway I will let you know what I get his year next week.

Well that is it for this week. Sorry it is a bit late but I was watching Sports Personality of the Year. So well done Andy Murray! So until next week bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Gogglebox

Top Song of the Week – Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet

Book I Am Currently Reading – New Moon by Stephenie Meyer