Right it is that time of the year where we all sit and make promises which we try to stick to all year. Well here is mine for the year. A few of them have been my resolutions for a numbers of years so this year I’m getting serious with them and splitting them into traffic light categories. I find this helps when I use this system for my ‘to do list’ at work each month so thought I would try it here.

2013 hasn’t been a total rubbish year I think ‘meh’ sums it up well. It has had a good times and bad times. The first half of the year has been good but it did Plato and then go down hill in the second half of the year. Hopefully I will make 2014 a good year and these resolutions should hopefully help guide me to this. I will be publishing my Year In Lists post on New Years Day. But for now here are my resolutions.

Category Red

Get my own place
This is my big priority for the year. In fact if I do nothing else all year I need to do this. I love my parents honestly I do but I am going to be 33 in January and it’s time to make my own nest. I know getting my own place adds extra expense and problems but it also will give me the freedom to me. I would love to buy but realistically on my own that is not a viable option and after all it’s not as if I have dependants to leave anything to so I would be happy to rent. So I look forward to this adventure and finally ticking this off my list of things to do.

This year I have only been on 1 date. I need to make more of an effort in this area. I do need to go out more and if that means on my own then fine that’s what I will do. I will also make a bit more of an effort with online dating. I know some people sniff at this but nowadays I know so many people who have met the love of their lives this way. Yes we all want that Richard Curtis style love story to happen or have magical Disney ending but reality is it’s not going to happen so I need to get off my arse and get myself out there and be the one that’s asks instead waiting to be asked because I don’t think I would be a rubbish boyfriend. However if anyone does know any guys who are looking for a geeky hopeless romantic then do point them in my direction.

Get out and have more fun
I’m almost 33 and not 63 for goodness sake and I should be enjoying myself more. I’m at the age where life should be new and exciting and I should be making the most of the opportunities or even better making opportunities for myself and those around me. So my resolution is to have fun and make time once a month for this to happen. This could also help with the dating resolution as well.

Ok the three big resolutions have been addressed. The next category is for resolutions that have been on my resolution list in the past few years but not every year. However they still need addressing.

Amber warning

Stress less
Some people who know me will probably think this should be category red but it’s not yet. I do let things get to me I have tried to be better and in some cases this year I have dealt with it better than usual although I haven’t always done this. The problem is that I am my own worst enemy and I want perfection or my view of perfection and this isn’t always possible so I have to let go and go with the flow. Life is too short. This goes for work and personal life.

Be happier with me
I always try to be positive and be my biggest supporter but sometimes I don’t like being me. We all have days like this where we think we are too fat or old or not good enough and I need to focus more on my good qualities. How can I expect anyone to love me when I don’t always love myself. So 2014 is the year I become my number 1 fan.

Loose weight/be healthier
This is partly linked to the resolution above. When I look in the mirror I am not happy with how I look and I know I need to lose weight and get fitter. I think I said last year I wanted to do have a fitness hobby so that could be something. I might take up running gain. Nothing as drastic as a big run but some sort of exercise would be good. If I get my own place it would make it easier to eat healthier as my diet at home is not the best but it’s difficult when I don’t do the cooking. I have tried to do my own food at home but parents habits die-hard so it would be easier for when I move out. If I could lose some flab and tone up a bit that would be good.

Go to more live music
This has carried over from last year. Once again in 2013 I have only been to one concert. I love live music so I need to get out and support local venues and bands as well as big stars. It will also mean I can get out and have more fun as well.

Ok the next resolutions are ones that would just make things a bit nicer and happier.

Start a professional qualification
I did mention this last year but linked into being more career focused. I have been more career focused and my next step is a professional qualification. I did enquire about Chartership with CILIP but I know the criteria was changing so have not done anything yet with this. However I will look at it in 2014 again.

Make time for others – meet friends more and get in touch with past acquaintances
I have some great friends and have made some new ones as well this year. However I know I have not been great with all my friends and have been in the ‘unhappy friend’ draw and therefore I need to make more time for them. Some friends I have lost touch with over the years as well so this year I’m going to make more time for friends I have and make new ones hopefully. I also want to get in touch with friends who I haven’t seen much of over the years. It is easy for us all to let things from the past stop us getting back in touch or let work or family commitments get in the way but sometimes a phone call or a coffee and chat is all we need. So I hope to do this more in 2014.

So that is it. These are my resolutions for 2014. I hope I allow myself to make the most of 2014. Thank you to everyone who has been in my life in 2013. To my old friends and family thanks for your continued support and to those new into my life then thank you for the laughs and support you have given me. A massive hug to you all and Happy New Year to each and every one of you.