Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post which is also the first weekly blog post of the year. I hope you have enjoyed the end of year reviews I have done in the last week. Anyway here is what has been happening and been on my mind this week.

Thank you to everyone who commented on last weeks post. It is always nice to hear from readers. I am in slightly better mood than last week. My parents are better than they were last week which has helped but they are still a concern if I’m honest. It is nice to have that fresh start feeling that you get with a New Year. Just like when you got a new exercise book at school and you start off really neat and tidy and good intentions. The other reason I feel a bit happier is that I had a chat with my cousin during the week via Facebook. Last Sunday I didn’t get to see him at a family gathering because my parents were not well but he got in touch to see how they were and how I was. It was nice to chat to him and we addressed some things had been on my mind regarding family and me. I think I have mentioned before but since coming out most of the family haven’t spoken to me about it. I have only had one cousin and my parents talk about it. It is normal practice at family gatherings to question the younger now middle-aged family members about their relationships, jobs, etc. I am sure you all go through it as well. This essentially stopped when I came out and I wasn’t sure how to take this. It was only the other month when it hit me that the reason they haven’t brought it up is because I never had that conversation with them and they don’t know how to approach it. Whilst talking to my cousin this conversation came up and he basically said what I have mentioned and that because it has been a while now it has made it even more difficult. So I think we have agreed that at the next family gathering we are at we are going to get the conversation started. This would be easier to do if I was seeing someone as it would be hard to ignore the elephant in the room then. This talk with my cousin was really good and helped me a great deal. It’s nice to know I do have an ally in the family because at times I have felt the odd one out. So thanks cousin it meant a lot.

So New it is New Years Eve and it’s a quiet one for me. Which is fine I suppose but next year in my own place it’s a party at mine I promise. Anyway I had been into town to get some shopping being the good son that I am and I am walking back home. I’m nearly back and pass two young guys. I just walk past and don’t make eye contact. Once they are passed me one of the call out to me and I turn around and he says in a sarcastic tone “I can tell by looking at you you’re gay so where’s the gay bar”. I just turn and walk away and that’s the end of it. I was shocked though but not because I was upset but because I actually took it as a compliment. What made him say it I don’t know I wasn’t doing anything to make him think it so his Gaydar must be very good (which says only one thing in my book). If he was doing it to get a reaction and upset me he failed and it’s sad to think that some people think this is fun. Maybe they will grow up one day. Anyway I’m pleased I saw it as a compliment as it says a lot about how comfortable I am with my sexuality. Maybe the next time a random stranger asks if I am gay he might be asking because he is too just like in a blog I read.

Anyway after this I just had a quiet New Years Eve in with the parents. Quite civilised really as we watched Matthew Bournes ‘Sleeping Beauty’. My dad did ask if there was any talking in it the. I told him it was a ballet so no, so he went back to his Sudoku. Just like last year I let the New Year in and then drank my own small bottle of champagne whilst watching the London fireworks on the television. It was a last-minute decision for the champagne as it’s usually Baileys for New Year but I felt I wanted to celebrate the good things from 2013 and celebrate that it was over and look forward to a better and more fulfilling year In 2014.

Now it is back to the routine. My first day back at work was Thursday and I enjoyed the quietness of the train carriage on that first day back. Yes it was delayed a little but that always happens the day the fares go up. Still it was nice to have some routine back. Now the decorations are down and reality is slowly settling back in and the weather is miserable I still have a little of that new exercise book feeling and optimistic of a good year.

Top Programme of the Week – Birds of a Feather

Top Song of the Week – Ben Howard – Old Pine

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Misremembered Man by Christina McKenna