Hello again and welcome to this weeks blog post. I hope you have all had a good week and that you are dealing with the January blues OK. Anyway here is what has been on my mind and been happening in my life this week.

This was my first full week back at work and that means busy trains for the morning commute. For those of you who have a morning commute particularly on train or a bus you will know the unwritten rules, have certain seats you prefer to sit in, and have names for the other regular passengers (or is just me?). For those of you who don’t commute in this way it may seem like a professional and exciting daily routine. Yes for those few weeks you do it and are all dressed in work clothes with your fancy bag and coffee in your hand you do have that feeling of someone important. This is short-lived and before you know it you become part of a routine and are spending roughly around  about 228 days a year with these same strangers and never speak a word to them. It is only a short train journey each day but it would be tough to do without my iPod keeping me safe from interacting with others and as we all know making conversation on a commute is bad. The TV programme this week ‘The 7:39’ is an example of why this rule should never be broken.  However sometimes even with my iPod in I can’t escape others. One night during the week I was on my way home. I found a seat and was just listening to my iPod. I sometimes read as well but I was too tired on this occasion so just listened to music. We had just set off when a girl in the same carriage was talking loudly/shouting down the phone to her mum saying “Mum please please please don’t wear my trainers”. It made me smile a bit and I was feeling a bit sorry for the girl. However this continued for most of the journey and as it went on I was losing patience with the girl and starting to join Team Mum on this occasion. I looked around at my fellow passengers and just like myself they were trying not to laugh. It then went quiet for a few moments before she was on the phone again to her boyfriend saying “how selfish and mean her mum was”. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t seem to care she was making such a public scene. I don’t know if her mum did wear them in the end but I really hope she did. This type of behaviour is rare but it does happen. Anyway maybe one day I won’t me anti social on my commute.

I have been tired this week. It was the first full week back at work so I suppose that is to expected but I also didn’t sleep well during the week.  My parents are still getting over their chest infections and they aren’t sleeping much and have once or twice woken me up. It can’t be helped but it did mean that on Friday I was feeling rubbish and not at my best. Hopefully this week will be better.

As it is January and we are all looking at what we do and try to make changes I thought I would try to look at saving more money especially as I plan to move out this year. So I thought I would cancel my LoveFilm subscription. Now for those of you who have tried to do this you will know it is near impossible to do. I have tried before and failed but this time I was determined to cancel. I’ll just stick to my guns and say sorry I appreciate all the fancy offers but no I’m afraid I am cancelling. Did this happen? Simply no, I rang up and said I wanted to cancel and I wasn’t interested in any offers. I rejected the first offers and thought I’m doing good here. Then somehow and I am still not sure how he just changed it so I have a few months off from payment and then we ended the conversation. How did I let this happen? Anyway I will try again at some point but honestly it is like trying to battle a Jedi Master who is using mind tricks to stop you from cancelling.

On Saturday morning we had a little drama at home. I had finally got out of bed having had a sleep in due to being tired during the week. I was sat having breakfast in the living room while my Mum was about to start the ironing. The iron was on the ironing board and then all of a sudden there were sparks and flames coming from it. I shouted “Mam the iron” which I know is the most obvious and vague thing to shout but I was still half a sleep. She then give a little scream and tried to put it out with the nearest thing to hand – my new shirt. Thankfully the flames went away anyway so everyone was OK and so was the shirt. Bit of a scary way to start the day but at least we are all OK.

Finally I thought I would end this weeks post with my thoughts on the footballer Thomas Hitzlsperger who ‘came out’ this week. I have to admit I didn’t know who he was when I read the news story. It is good to see that he is at a point in his life where he feels he can be himself. Football is a sport where there have only been a handful of players ‘come out’ and most of them when they retire which is what Tomas Hitzlsperger has done. He said in an interview that he nearly did it a few years ago but the time wasn’t right.  This shows how society has moved on and that sport is more accepting of homosexuality than it used to be and sport stars such as Matthew Mitcham, Gareth Thomas, Nicola Adams, Tom Daley, Steven Davies and Robbie Rogers have helped and become great role models for the LGBT community. Yes there will be homophobia in football just like there is still racism even though there shouldn’t be it still happens. Justin Fashanu is still the only English footballer to come out while playing and the reaction he got was bad and led to a tragic ending which should never have happened. Times have changed though, you only need to look at the reaction Tom Daley got to see this. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and one day it will stop being ‘news’ and just become an everyday thing.

Well that is it for this week. Hopefully I will be less tired this week and I have a better week. So until next time that’s all folks.

Top Programme of the Week – The 7:39

Top Song of the Week – Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Small Death In Lisbon by Robert Wilson