Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post which is also my last as a 32-year-old as it is my birthday next weekend. I’m at that age where birthdays are really not exciting any more but at least for now I am still the good side of 35. Anyway here is what has been on my mind and that I have been up to this week.

The January blues are well and truly here as they are for everyone I suppose. Apparently tomorrow (20th Jan) is ‘Blue Monday’  the most depressing day of the year. I don’t know about that but January as a whole is a rubbish month. A lot of people say oh but you have a birthday in January so that must make it better. It really doesn’t because everyone is skint and you know this so feel bad if they get a present and also you don’t want to ask them for a night out for the same reason. On top of that the weather is rubbish and we all feel a bit flat don’t we. Despite this I am still trying to be positive and look ahead to the coming year. I feel the year hasn’t really started for me yet but hopefully things will get moving in the next few months.

For a while now I have been trying to avoid nuts as recently certain types have irritated me. Not severely and not all types but peanuts especially the smell really get to me and I have had similar reaction with hazelnuts. Other nuts seem fine. It is odd because I have never had a problem before. I have always eaten them and no problems but lately they do make me feel a bit funny so I am just avoiding them. I would try to see a doctor but trying to get an appointment is near impossible.

The reason I mention it is because this week I was at Costa getting my morning coffee in an attempt to make me feel a bit more human like. I asked for Vanilla latte and then got the train. It smelt odd and tasted different and I realised it was vanilla so stopped drinking it. I drank some water and got rid of the coffee but it did make me feel a bit funny. anyway I still needed coffee so-called in Starbucks on way to work.  I went in and the two male baristas are talking to a customer about Power Rangers. This is odd as they are adults and it is no longer the 1990’s but hey whatever. I gave them my order and went and waited for my drink. One of the baristas apologised for the ‘nerdy’ conversation. I told him thats fine and I like nerdy. This promoted him to start talking about Batman.Now I like Batman and do like the recent films except Batman Begins (mainly because the film didn’t begin in fact it didn’t do anything and there was no Robin). He then said how much he liked Heath Ledger as the Joker. I agreed he was brilliant and it is such a shame about his death. The barista then said he just rewatches Heath’s scenes which annoys his girlfriend. I’m thinking at this point a little over the top but fair enough. He then says he wanted to go to go the funeral of Heath Ledger but it wouldn’t have been appropriate. Right there are certain things life doesn’t prepare you for and this is one of them. I wasn’t feeling great, I’m tired after a bad nights sleep, just want coffee and I somehow have to react to this but in a diplomatic way. I just said ‘yeah it may not have been appropriate but nice to see you are a big fan’. I then took my coffee and left. He is lovely guy but it was an odd thing to say. Has  anyone else had a bizarre start to the day like this?

Finally I just want to talk about the Winter Olympics which are starting in a few weeks time. There are a lot of controversies surrounding the host Russia especially to do with their views on homosexuality. Some people are calling for a boycott while others say it should go ahead. Up until this week I have been divided on the subject. I totally disagree with the laws that are coming into place in Russia but I don’t believe the Winter Olympics should boycott the games. They should still go ahead just like they Berlin Games did in 1936. Despite this I won’t be watching the TV coverage because of the comments made this week by Russia. They have voiced their opinion and I have now voiced mine. In a fair world that is we are all able to do. I just can’t watch it and that’s a personal decision. I was going to but I can’t now. I do wish all the athletes and their support teams and all the fans well and that they have a safe games and that the Olympic ideals are upheld.

Well that’s it for this week so its goodbye from this 32-year-old and I’ll speak to next as a 33-year-old. Eek!

Top Programme of the Week – Sherlock

Top Song of the Week – Daft Punk – Within

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Small Death In Lisbon by Robert Wilson