Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. It has been one of those weeks where you have feeling that some thing or someone is trying to make you see something in a different way. I hope to explain this in the blog post as well as talking about my day trip to the Scottish capital so here goes.

For some time now I had a lot going on in my head and have touched on these things in the blog over the months. These thoughts that I have mentioned on here haven’t always led to me actually talking about them to someone else. They just end up on the screen and float there because the screen doesn’t talk back. Why do it then? Well it is the easiest way for me to do it. I am not one to pick the phone up to talk I prefer it in writing it comes more natural to me. Getting it out and into my blog does help because it gets it out of my head and into the open at least which is better than bottling it up which I used to do. I do sometimes get responses from people but usually by a comment or a tweet or Facebook message. It rarely turns into a meet and heart to heart chat. This week it sort of did.  A family member  got in touch and arranged a meet up with me as they wanted to say hi but also to chat about some things. Up until now the only family members that have spoken to me about my sexuality are my parents and one of my cousins. I discussed why this might be in a previous blog posts  . It was good to have a chat and helped me relax for future family get togethers. They also said I need to go out and have more fun and that it worried them that I didn’t. I know what they mean and I share that concern but is 33 to late to that? I hope not. That same day my iPod which was on general shuffle seems to play music that made think about me and what I want to do with my life. If this wasn’t enough I get home to find I have won a copy of the self-help book ‘5:2 Your Life’. It did seem to be like some big conspiracy from a higher force to say ‘get your life back on track’. To be honest maybe I needed this.

During the week I had two nights out with friends and it was good to see them and get out and talk. It has been a long time since we have done this. Not intentional but life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to meet as much. I still held back on things and I need to open up more and also listen to others. I know there are times when they want to chat but also hold back and it is then my turn to be the frustrated friend. But that goes with the job of being a friend.

With all this going on in my mind it was good that this weekend I had planned a day trip to Edinburgh.  I haven’t been to Edinburgh since my trip to the Festival in 2010 where I got unwanted fashion advice from a Big Issue Seller . I do love the city and managed to get a bargain train ticket (£10 in total) so off I went on a Scottish adventure.


The weather when I arrived was nice and bright but a little chilly. I was only in the Scottish Capital for a few hours so wanting to make the most of my day and see as much as possible I got an open top tour bus. You know the ones where you can get on and off as much as you want on the route. I have never done this before so it was a first for me and it was a really good idea. However sitting on top of an open top bus in early February in Scotland is very cold. One woman even lost her hat as the wind blew it off somewhere near the Castle. I know it would be rude to laugh but I did a bit. I got off the bus at the National Museum of Scotland. I have never been to visit it before. It is a great building and has some really interesting collections. The highlight for me however was the roof terrace and the stunning panoramic views you got of the city. I highly recommend a visit. After the museum I got back on the bus and saw other sights of Edinburgh such as Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament. By this time the weather had turned wetter and I had to give in and go below on the bus. the bus was now back at the start of the route so I got off and had a quick visit the National Gallery of Scotland. On my way to the gallery I came across some celebrations for the Chinese New Year so I stood and watched the Chinese Dragons dancing before heading for the gallery. While wandering the rooms of the gallery I was also looking at the other visitors and was imagining their stories. Do other people do this?

I still had a couple of hours of my visit left and I wanted to visit the cafe where the magic of Harry Potter started ‘The Elephant House’. After the help of Apple Maps on my iPhone I finally found it. It turns out is just round the corner from the museum so I had almost gone full circle. From the outside it looks like a slightly quirky/arty cheap cafe and that’s what it is really except it now comes with a queue out the door usually from tourists who are Harry Potter fans. I of course was a Harry Potter tourist so joined the queue and ordered my cappuccino and went and in the back room where J K Rowling used to go and write. The coffee was ok but nothing special and I wasn’t tempted by the food. The Elephant House does have a special feel about it though and it was a relaxing space and I can see why J K Rowling used to like to visit. While sat there I couldn’t help but think what she must make of it now . I finished my coffee and headed off back into the world of muggles and to get my train home. It was a great day out and it did me a lot of good as I was able to think about events of the week. I hope not to leave it as long a gap between visits to this beautiful city.

So that is it for me this week. Sorry this post is a bit late this week. I hope you have enjoyed it though. Anyway that is it for this week. I’ll be back to blog again next weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Birds of a Feather

Top Song of the Week – Katy B – Crying For No Reason 

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Expats by Chris Pavone