Welcome to this weeks blog post which is later than normal due to an impromptu sort out of my book shelves. A librarian is obviously never off duty. It is quite satisfying to do although I have run out of bookcases as I have filled the ones I have and I am only up to Tolkien. Anyway enough of excuses here is what I have been up to and what’s been on my mind this week.

First of all some good news. Regular readers of my blog will know that last year I was involved in an outdoor production of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’. For sometime I had wanted to do some acting and I was lucky enough to be involved in this local production. Well it is that time of year again and I am once again lucky enough to be involved with the same theatre group but this year I will be involved in two productions. The first is ‘Under Milk Wood’ and is to be performed as a radio play in May. The good news for this is we can have scripts and it is indoors, however it does mean a Welsh accent is sort of needed (gulp) so I have a bit of work to do on this front. The other production is an outdoor production of the The Tempest and this will be at the end of June in the Park the same as last year. I am thrilled to be involved again with this great group of talented people and although it will keep me busy I am sure it will be great fun. I will of course update you all on how things go.

For all of you out there on Facebook you will probably have seen your ‘Facebook is 10’ video on your account. These are short videos that Facebook has put together based on your early posts, most liked pictures, most shared etc. It is a little spooky how they did seem to pick big events in my life. I know Facebook has its critics and there has been talk about a fall in popularity but there is no denying that it is now part of most people’s lives. Looking back over the last 7 years that I had been on the site through this video it made me realise what good times I have had and how much I have done in that time. In that period I ran the Great North Run, ‘came out’, saw friends get married and have families, travelled, started a blog, and been involved in a play. As well as that because of the site I have got back in touch with old friends,kept in touch with friends who have moved on,  discovered the theatre group I am involved in and felt connected to the people in my life. So yes it is easy to knock Facebook but if used properly it can be a really great tool. Watch your Facebook is 10 video and see how many great moments in your life have been captured that may have been lost and think about the things you have gone on to do because of the site. So Happy Birthday Facebook!

This week it was ‘Time To Talk Day’. This was an event set up to raise awareness of mental illness and the importance of talking and listening as away of helping with it. I only heard about the event on Facebook (proving my point) and it was a shame it didn’t get more publicity. I suppose it is not just for one day we all need to talk sometimes to deal with those little or big problems. At some point in each of our lives we are going to need someone to be there for us, to sit down with us and listen to that problem that we have. That person might not say anything or solve the problem but they will have made it easier for the other person to deal with. It all sounds so simple when we think about it but in reality it’s not is it. Even if you are asked ‘Are you Ok’ we all say we are fine when we are not always fine. It takes a good friend to push through that barrier and reach out to that person. So if like me you didn’t do anything on ‘Time To Talk Day’ why not make everyday a ‘Time To Talk Day’.

The Winter Olympics also started this week and as I mentioned the other week I have decided not to watch the coverage. I am not saying other people should boycott the event it is just a choice I have made. I am still 100% behind Team GB and I am thrilled that Great Britain have already won a bronze medal in snowboarding. I hope all the athletes, media, and spectators have a great games and stay safe. Whether you agree with Russia hosting the games or not it is good that the issue of the anti-gay laws have been highlighted to the World and allowed people to have that discussion. Sometimes talking about it is the best way.

This weekend I went to see and advanced screening of ‘The LEGO Movie’. I had been looking forward to seeing this since I heard it was happening. My love of LEGO had in recent years returned and flourished at an alarming rate. Whether it is LEGO Mini figures, or advent calendar, or actual sets I have acquired them over recent years. The new movie is essentially 100 minutes of advertising for all the ranges of LEGO you can imagine but done in a fun way. LEGO Mini figuresTheres not much of a plot but it is very clear LEGO are fully aware of who its audience is. I loved the detail they used to reference things and all the geeky comic book references . At times the animation was a little dodgy but overall it was a fun little film with an upbeat message. It was essentially Toy Story but without the magic of Pixar. It is certainly worth a watch and if you love LEGO you will love it. I give it 2.5/5. A warning though the song they play ‘Everything Is Awesome’ is extremely catchy so much so it makes ‘It’s A Small World’ seem like an irrelevant ditty so be aware.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks to everyone who got in touch with me about last weeks post I really appreciate it. I hope you have all enjoyed this weeks post. I am planning on doing a Valentines Day post this week and hopefully more positive than usual (no I haven’t got any special news before you all start jumping to conclusions). I just thought that maybe for once I could try to do a nice post about Valentines Day, so far its a struggle. Anyway thanks again for reading this and sorry for the lateness. I hope you all have a good Valentines Day and do enjoy it but please remember those of us who are single and be understanding it’s not a nice time for us.

Top Programme of the Week – Splash!

Top Song of the Week – Shakira Ft Rihanna – Can’t Remember To Forget You

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Expats by Chris Pavone