Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. First of all I want to say thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about my Valentines blog post on Friday but more on this later. So here is what has been happening in my life and been on my mind this week.

It is well-known that us Brits loving talking about the weather. Well for some weeks now the weather has been terrible in the UK. The south has suffered the worst but this week the weather turned bad up north. On Wednesday evening the wind was terrible and really strong. The North East did get off lightly compared to some parts but it was still bad in this neck of the woods. At one point on the evening the lights flickered a couple of times and that was all we needed to get the candles and torches out. Not the good candles though as they are just for show apparently. Does anyone else have this? I thought a candle was a candle but apparently not some are just for and not to be lit. Anyway in the end we didn’t need to light any this time. As well as the wind we did get our first glimpse of snow this winter. It was only a little bit of a dusting but it was nice to see. Thankfully it wasn’t deep and didn’t last long but I do think it’s nice to see some snow during the winter.

OK now onto Valentines Day. As I mentioned in my special blog post it is a day I dread and in the past I have always been very anti-Valentines Day. However I have realised that this doesn’t do me any good and if anything sends out the wrong message. So that’s why I wrote the special blog post on Friday. It was my way of saying that yes it’s a tough day for me and any other single person out there but I have to believe that my Mr Right or as I named him in my blog FGV is still out there and in the words of the Buble “I just haven’t met him yet”.  I wrote the blog during the week and scheduled it post at 14:02pm (do you see what I did… never mind). By writing it in advance it made me think back to it during the day in an attempt to get through the day. Yes it was still tough seeing the cards and flowers arrive at work for colleagues but it reassured me that hopefully one day that will be me or at least I hope it will. Hopefully I put on a brave face but not as obvious as the guy on The Voice who was trying to be brave and not cry when know one turned around. One thing that did strike me was that at work a lot of the girls received flowers and cards but non of the guys received anything at work. Most of the guys at work are in relationships and maybe they just got a card at home but still I always though a relationship was a two-way thing. So next year girls in the name of love and equality why not do the same for him. Maybe not flowers but I’m sure cake, or a gift in general would be a nice touch. Anyway here is hoping future Valentines Days are better for me and maybe I can do a follow-up to the this years blog post.

On the subject of blogs I found out this week that I was mentioned on someone else’s blog and also on a podcast. The podcast was    the JT Movie Podcast  which is great movie review blog by one of friends/colleagues and I had a tweet read out on it. The blog though was actually from last year and only heard this week about it. Last year I gave away copies of ‘Noughts & Crosses’ as part of World Book Night. One of the recipients was going to be doing a bike ride from Darlington to Paris (rather him than me) . Well he took the book with him and he actually used it but not to read. The librarian in me might be alarmed at this but if you read his blog you will understand it was for a worthy cause. I discovered both these things on the same day (Valentines Day in fact). I just found it quite surreal but in a nice way. I suppose this is what social media is all about and at times they all come together.

Oh just one thing before I go I have watched a film of my film confession blog post. I watched Disney’s Beauty & the Beast for the first time. It was a lovely film and perfect Sunday afternoon viewing. That’s now two films crossed off that list. I’m getting there slowly.

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks again for the comments you have sent and I am glad you enjoy reading my rambles. So until next week bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – Splash!

Top Song of the Week – Sam Smith – Make It To Me 

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer