Hello again! I hope you have had a good week. I mainly been busy with work and rehearsals and looking at next week I seem to only have one week night where I am not doing anything. Well it means I will have a lot to say in next weeks blog post. Anyway before then we have the matter of this weeks so here it is.

Last week I talked about my morning commute and how it is becoming a chore. Well this week the random speed restriction appears to be lifted so at least that is one thing but it is still a chore. I also had a little awkward moment in terms of eye contact with another passenger. All commuters reading this know the golden rule is never interact with another commuter unless a)the train/bus breaks down b)some major emergency c)to ask them to move so you can get off the next stop. Well on Friday I was sat on the train half a sleep as usual listening to my iPod when I looked up between the seat in front of me at the same time the guy sat on the other side of the train carriage diagonally opposite me also looked up and there was that awkward eye contact moment but not wanting to look awkward I decided I wasn’t going to break first. He then looked away and so did I and looked towards the window instead he then looked back up and tilted his head to see if I was looking. This was just getting awkward but thankfully the train pulled into the station. Maybe he was new and didn’t know the rules? He wasn’t flirting as I saw his wedding ring, maybe he was just playing a game to pass the time. Well hopefully it won’t happen again.

On the subject of awkward moments I went to see the film ‘That Awkward Moment’ starring Zac Efron. The film is best described as ‘bromcom’  (A bromance  comedy). Now I admit to seeing this film for very shallow reasons which are the similar to why I saw ‘The Lucky One’ as well a few years ago. Essentially it is about 3 guys in their twenties in New York at that stage in life where they want to party and have fun but also want to settle down but don’t want to admit it to each other. I struggled to relate to the this whole male friendship thing as I don’t have a group of male friends I have odd ones (I don’t mean odd as in strange just that you are not in a group. I’ll stop digging now). It’s a male version of Sex and the City and it’s ok and passed the time and has a very bizarre scene with Zac Efron in an odd position on a toilet naked which added a certain something to the film and I will give it 2/5.

I saw the film at Newcastle as I planned a day of shopping and cinema. Now it has been a while since I have been to this cinema and they have done it up and added 2 small studio screens at the side of the main part. Now I didn’t know thats where I was so I was running a bit late and dashed to get my Ben & Jerry’s and then went to go find the screen only to be told it in this new bit so I dash in and it is pitch black and I have to find my pre booked seat while I feel my ice-cream slowly melting down my hand my other hand is full of shopping bags. I manage to get my phone out and use it to find my seat only to find some teenagers not abiding by the rule of pre booked seats and were sat there. The ice-cream was melting even faster and I just sat in the seat one of them was meant to which was next to my original seat anyway. I tried to wipe the cream from my hands on the serviette I had but it didn’t help much. I somehow managed to sit and get the ice-cream eaten but knew I was covered in it. As the film started I could see a bit better and notice the whiteness of the ice-cream on my trousers in an awkward place should we say. There was nothing I could do then so I sat and watched the film and then made my way at the end to the toilets to try to clean up a bit. Thankfully my coat covered most of it so it don’t look too bad and hopefully I got away with it.

I did have a good shopping trip as well and got some new jeans and I finally found some mens fragrance for myself. I have gone for Paco Rabanne ‘Invictus’. It does smell good and hopefully others will think so to. It is all part of my attempt to try and grow up and be professional in how I dress. Oh that reminds me I also bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt (oops I obviously have a long way to go still).

As this week saw February draw to a close and with it LGBT History Month it got me thinking about freedom and equality for me. In recent months we have seen Russia and Uganda introduce anti gay laws and it made me look up what other countries is it dangerous for me to travel to. There around about 70 countries in the world where male homosexuality is illegal and the punishments range from varied jail sentences, whippings, fines, and 9 countries where I would face the death penalty just for being me. Some of these countries with the death penalty have the law for this but have never enforced it but still it is a possibility. It really put things into perspective for me and made value my freedom even more. It’s not that long ago when it was illegal here in the UK but now we have moved on and more importantly society has. I just hope these countries and societies that have these laws also follow the UK and other countries laws and just let people be people. So when people ask why is it such a big deal to ‘come out’ it’s worth remembering that this lack of freedom is one of many reasons why it is a big deal.

Sorry for getting all heavy and serious at the end of blog but felt I needed to say it. Here is hoping March is a good month for everyone. I have been thinking of ideas for special blog posts and wondered if there are nay topics you would like to discuss as a future blog post? If so let me know.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this post and I will be back again next week with another post.

Top Programme of the Week – The Voice

Top Song of the Week – Faith Hill – There You’ll Be

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer