Hi guys and girls! It is that time of the week again. I have had a quite a busy week this week and my energy levels are quite low at the moment. Anyway I’ll explain all in this post, so here you go.

Although I didn’t watch the Oscars due to the lateness of them and the fact I don’t have SKY I still thought I would comment on the winners. For once I actually agreed with the results. I haven’t seen all the nominated films but from what I have heard Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett and Jared Leto all deserved their acting awards. I was thrilled for Lupita Nyong’o winner best supporting actress especially as she missed out at the BAFTA’s. I know it was a tough category for best picture but I do think ’12 Years A Slave’ deserved to win. The big winner of the night though was Gravity and this is very well deserved. I said last year after seeing it that it was the most visually stunning film I have seen for many years and I do think it will become a cinema classic for visual effects.

Although I never watched the Oscars I have seen that selfie. Yep that one which broke records on Twitter. It is a great picture and in years to come it will be a great part of cinema history. I did have to laugh a bit when I saw a picture of that scene but from behind which shows poor Liza Minnelli trying to get in on the picture. It was a funny picture but at the same time I felt sorry for her. I’m sure we have all been there where you have tried to join in and failed it hurts doesn’t it and thats without millions of people seeing it. At least Ellen did take selfie with her as well.

This week it was the start of Lent and I was trying to think of things to give up for Lent. I jokingly mentioned giving up coffee to colleagues at work and the response was that most in the office would be taking holiday if I did that. So I haven’t given up coffee. Other things I thought about giving up were chocolate, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, diet coke but in the end I decided to give up crisps. This is probably a good thing as I am conscious I need to get healthier and stopping crisps is one thing to stop I suppose. Lets see how I go.

On Tuesday evening I had a night out at the theatre to see ‘Eternal Love’. This was originally called ‘In Extremis’ when it was performed at The Globe but it has changed its name for the UK Tour. It is done by the same people behind ‘Anne Boleyn’ which I saw a couple of years ago and thought that was amazing. So when I saw this advertised I couldn’t wait to see it. There were a lot of similarities with the production of Anne Boleyn.  It featured 6 out the 17 cast members from this production, the set was the same and the high quality of the performance was also the same. For me the stand out performance was not by the actors playing Abelard and Heloise but in fact Sam Crane who played Bernard of Clairvaux. He stole every scene he was in and even when he was vomiting and licking the bottom of someones foot (I don’t like feet) he was a stand out performance.

What I noticed while watching the play was that I made an effort to watch the smaller roles in the play. Since getting involved with a local theatre group I have a lot of respect for actors as it is tough learning lines, blocking scenes etc and more importantly trying to shine. Those smaller parts are there for a reason otherwise they wouldn’t exist. The actor who stood out for me who was various parts in the play was  Sid Sagar. He played very small parts in the play but made sure they still added something to the scene. It’s tough to make small roles noticeable but he certainly did and I hope gets a big role in future productions which I am sure he does too. As well as it being a great production I learnt about the story of Abelard and Heloise which I am ashamed to say my only knowledge of Abelard is ordering books about him for work and that he classification number is 189.4. Before seeing the play I knew nothing but now I understand what he was about.

I am also ashamed to say as a librarian/library assistant that World Book Day largely passed me by. I think I said Happy World Book Day on Twitter but that was it. I saw nothing on TV or in many bookshops. This might be because World Book Day is very much focussed on schools as children get a £1 voucher to buy a specially published book or use it to get a discount on another book. Still I am ashamed I didn’t get involved. At least I am involved with World Book Night in April so I will make more of an effort then.

I said at the beginning this post that I had been very busy this week. I had a lot on at work and then I had something on most evenings with the exception of Wednesday and Saturday. I’m just not used to this. Usually my life consists of nothing so to go from nothing to being out most nights is a shock to the system albeit a nice shock. On Monday morning when I got into the office I found my PG Tips monkey in an odd position (see picture). What I didn’t realise was that is how I would look and feel by the end of the week (but not on a desk). As well as the theatre one night I had 3 nights of rehearsals, and a colleagues leaving do to go to and the anniversary of my manna’s death.  On top of this I had two very bad nights sleep in a row. I remember looking in the mirror realising I looked terrible but just about kept going.PG Tips Monkey

On Saturday though I crashed but physically and emotionally. I just hoped it was going to be an easy day but it turned out not to be the case. I think everything from the week both from work and at home just hit me and I wanted to be on my own but at the same time needed a massive hug in the hope of sticking myself back together again. This didn’t happen so I just hid away in my room and tried to battle the self doubts. This isn’t the place to start listing everything that was getting to me so I’ll just leave it as saying I have a lot of opened boxes that need sorting. By the end of the day I felt better but could have done without it being such a draining day.

Hopefully next week is less demanding on me and I can at least have some time to myself to sort stuff out.  I am also trying to decide what this months special blog post topic should be. Please help me sided my taking part in this poll.

So until next time it is by for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Mary Berry Cooks

Top Song of the Week – A Great Big World – Everyone is Gay

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths