Hi everone! I hope have all got over losing that hour in bed. At least it is nice and light on an evening now. Before I start I just want to say thank you to lovely comments that I had about my special blog post this week . It appears I almost made a number of  regular readers cry so sorry for that. If it is any consolation it was an emotional one to write as it made me remember some things that still hurt. Anyway it is done now and it is now time for this weeks blog post.

I want to start this weeks post by saying Happy Mothers Day to my UK followers especially all the mums out there. Over the last 12 months many of my friends have had babies for the first time so this is their first Mothers Day as a mum. I hope you have enjoyed the day.

This week I discovered two pieces of information that have made me think differently about biscuits. The first is that I have been eating chocolate digestives the wrong way. I always thought that the chocolate was the top of the biscuit but it turns out it is infact the bottom. How is this logical? Surely the chocolate has to be top because if it was the bottom then you would have chocolate all over your hands. Well anyway the chocolate is the bottom part and I just have to get my head around that somehow. The other bit of biscuit news is that a Twix is just a Millionaire shortbread bar. Why have I not realised this before? I discovered this piece of news from Twitter and I can reassure you I haven’t spent 33 years thinking about this.

This week I have watched two movies and both of them have been about a Captain. First I watched Captain Phillips. This was my film for the month (each month I watch whatever film is number 1 on iTunes on the 1st of the month. If I have seen it then I watch what is at number 2 etc.). I thought this was a good film but maybe a tad bit long. Tom Hanks is superb in the role and I now understand why he was up for so many awards for the role. He is such a versatile actor and you just know that when you watch a film with him in it is going to be good. The other film about a Captain that I watched was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This was also a good film and a tad bit bit long but did what it was meant to. I have to admit I am becoming a bit bored with the large number of Marvel films and TV shows but this one was worth watching. It was that rare thing of a ‘good’ sequel unlike the sequel to Thor. It had appeal for everyone and knew exactly who its audience was. Chris Evans (not the radio/TV guy) is very easy on the eye. While watching the film I kept wondering if the character of Captain America could be gay. There were certainly things that suggested it to me. Maybe this is a bigger debate to be had another time. I was impressed though at how good Captain America was at keeping his cream chinos clean whilst been shot at and having cars and thing blown up around him, now that it what you call a super power.

Yesterday (Saturday 29th March) was the first day that same-sex couples could legally be married in England and Wales. It is amazing to actually see this happen. A few years ago after I ‘came out’ I went to a friends wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and felt honoured to be there to share in their special day. During the ceremony though it hit me that I would not have this chance. There were no signs that same-sex marriage would ever happen at this time. It was tough to deal with but I knew that’s what it was like but there were still Civil Partnerships open to me. Of course I have to be with someone first but that’s another story. Now though I know that if I am lucky enough to meet that special person then we can have our special day which we can share it with friends and family. In the meantime congratulations to all same-sex couples who got married this weekend. I look forward to hopefully attending one myself and maybe even my own one day.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you again for taking the time to read this post. I really do appreciate  all the comments and ‘likes’ that I get . I hope you all have a good week and let’s do this all again same time next week.


Top Programme of the Week – The Musketeers

Top Song of the Week – Sam Smith  – Money On My Mind

Book I Am Currently Reading – Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela