Hi and welcome to this weekly blog post. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my special post for the month  which I posted yesterday about dating . The second part to that will be out next month and will deal with what to do on dates, when a date is not a date but you think it is, and post dating. Anyway before all that we have this weeks post.

On television this week for three nights in a row the BBC broadcast their latest drama which was an adaptation of Jamaica Inn. I am ashamed to say that I have never read ‘Jamaica Inn’ and the only Du Maurier I have read is ‘Rebecca’ so I didn’t know much about the story.  Visually it looked good but like the millions watching trying to understand what the uncle was saying was tough. I know he was in character and it was important to have a strong accent but surely not at the expense of being able to be heard. This is not the first time the BBC has had problems with sound quality on recent dramas and it is shame as the BBC used to be the best at doing dramas especially costume drama. Now they are losing out to ITV and internationally to HBO and it is clear the lack of funding is having an impact on the quality. By other criticism of the show was that there was too much standing looking out across the moor while the clouds were on fast forward all of which was making it into Wuthering Heights.  I did stick with it for the three nights but only because there was nothing else on.

While I am on the subject of TV programmes I have decided to give Game of Thrones another go. As I don’t have SKY I can’t watch it on TV but last year I bought season 1 on DVD and got about half way through before stopping and just never got around to finishing it. It is something that appeals to me so I am giving it another go and I have started again at the beginning. Let’s see if I become obsessed with it as much as everyone else.

It has been another busy week at work and also a sad one as two colleagues left this week. It is always upsetting when people leave especially when they are great to work with. It is like when your favourite character leaves a TV show you wonder how it will continue without them and how those left will carry on without them.  Hopefully we will stay in touch but they will be missed.

On Wednesday it was World Book Night and I was giving away copies of ‘Tales of the City’ by Armistead Maupin. I think this is the 4th year that I have taken part in World Book Night and it is always good giving out books to people. World Book NightsThe idea behind World Book Night is that you pass the book on and I wonder where all the copies of books have got to over the years and what stories are behind their journeys. If by any chance you have a World Book Night book with my name in let me know either by message on here or tweet or Facebook me. The titles I have given away are ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls, ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Maurier, ‘Noughts & Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman and this years title ‘Tales of the City’ by Armistead Maupin. So if you have a World Book Night copy of one of these titles check the from cover and see if it was one I have given away. Will I do it again next year? Well that depends on the titles available and whether I want to do this or something else to celebrate World Book Night. Whatever I decide I will still support this campaign.

The other week on my way to work I went for my morning coffee at Starbucks in Durham. As I was waiting I noticed they had a sign up saying follow them on Twitter which I did. This week a couple of the baristas asked if I was following Durham Starbucks on Twitter. I said I was and we got talking about how we find Twitter to use. On both occasions I wasn’t sure if they were asking if I was following the store on Twitter to just make conversation or did they want me to follow them or even want me to say follow me on Twitter. When it comes to social media there is some etiquette. For me Facebook is something that is for people I know such as friends and family. Twitter on the other hand is for anyone who wants follow me to do so. You don’t ask permission so if they wanted to follow me they could but is it because I’m a customer that it is an awkward situation for them. Personally I don’t mind if they follow me because I see them most days so they are not total strangers unlike some who follow me on Twitter. I could follow them but is that acceptable as well. It is a social dilemma. What would you do?

Over recent weeks I have noticed I have avoided making eye contact with people. I don’t know why I have been doing this but I have become aware of it recently. If I have done this with any of you then please don’t be offended and I will try to make eye contact with you in the future. As well as this I have felt the need for hug which is very unlike me as people who know me will say that I’m not a hugger. Maybe it is just the way I’m feeling at the moment.

Because there is so much going on around me at the moment I have felt the need to just have some ‘me’ time. It’s not that I am being unsocial able it is just I just need some time to switch off from things. With this in mind I made a last-minute decision to go to the theatre to see ‘See How They Run’ which was being performed by The Reduced Height Theatre Company that was set up by Warwick Davis.  It had a fantastic cast including Warwick Davis himself who was just brilliant to watch. The star of the show though was Francesca Mills who played Ida the Maid and was hilarious in the role and the finest comic actor I have seen for a long time. It was an old-fashioned comedy but at the same time it was quite ground breaking as all the acts were under 4 feet tall. Because of the quality of the acting you forgot this and just enjoyed the play in the way that you are meant to. I look forward to seeing another production by this very talented company.

The big highlight about seeing this play was to see Warwick Davis. He is an actor that I have grown up with in films such as Star Wars, Willow and Harry Potter as well as TV series such as Dr Who, The Chronicles of Narnia and Merlin and admire greatly. I was genuinely star struck seeing him on stage and even debated going to the stage door to see him but decided not to. At the end of the play he explained why he had set up this theatre company and even did an impression of Yoda which was awesome for me a huge Star Wars fan. It was great way to relax and have some ‘me’ time and I am glad I made the last-minute decision to see him.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you gain for reading my blog posts and for the comments that you leave. I will be back again next weekend for the first blog post of May. So until then bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – MARVEL Agents of Shield 

Top Song of the Week – Idina Menzel – Let It Go

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Spot Of Bother by Mark Haddon