A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

Well actually it has only been seven days and the furthest away I have been is Newcastle/Gateshead but hey it is still a good way to start the blog post especially as today is Star Wars Day. So let’s find out what I have been up to in the last seven days and what has been on my mind whilst visiting other galaxies known as Gateshead.

I mentioned that last week 2 work colleagues left. Well it was the leaving meal this week which I was organising. It seemed to go ok but it is a very stressful thing to do and sometimes things don’t run smoothly but they are out of your control. It was only after the event was over that I could finally relax. Well next time there is a meal or night out organised I will have a lot of respect for the person who has organised it.

This week I had an appointment at the doctors to have a blood test for a possible nut allergy and for a general health check. It was only Thursday when I had the test so I don’t know anything yet. I did find out things to do with the health check and basically I need to get fit. I have been told to eat a minimum of 5 pieces of fruit and veg and up to 9 in total a day. I also have to and I quote “get hot and sweaty five times a week”. I think this means exercise (not what you were thinking tut tut) and have no sugar etc.  I wasn’t really surprised at this because I knew in myself I wasn’t fully fit but it is still hard to hear. Three years ago when I did the Great North Run I lost weight and was in a better place fitness wise and that was down to exercising. I need to try to get back into exercising as well as cutting down on food and trying to eat more fruit and veg. Although Master Yoda would say “No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try” so I better get started hadn’t I.

I am pleased it is a Bank Holiday weekend as I have had lots going on recently some good , some difficult and some I’m not sure what box to them in so it is good to just switch off for a bit and get back to myself. Hopefully over the next few weeks some things will get sorted or at least move closer to sorting some things out.

So with it being a Bank Holiday I went to the Metro Centre on Saturday for a bit of shopping and a trip to the cinema. It was a really good day out and treated myself to some clothes, shoes and more importantly LEGO. Last time I visited the LEGO shop they didn’t have any heads for the create your own mini figure so I couldn’t do it. This time however they did so I made a LEGO mini figure of me. LEGO me I actually created 2 versions of me and one that is my future boyfriend. Well I can dream can’t I.   The film that I went to see was ‘Pompeii’. It was between this and ‘Bad Neighbours’ but ‘Pompeii’ is not on at my local cinema but ‘Bad Neighbours’ is so I thought would see ‘Pompeii’. It is the story of Pompeii and the volcanic eruption but focusing on a love story. It was a combination of ‘Gladiator’, ‘The Horse Whisperer’ and ‘Volcano’ all in one. I’m still not sure what was going on with Kiefer Sutherland’s accent but I just went with it.I would give it 3/5 as I am feeling generous.

So today is Star Wars Day because it is May 4th. It used to be a bit of a laugh but this year it really does seem to have been a big deal. Lots of shops are having offers on Star Wars merchandise and there has even been news about the new Star Wars film which I am now quite excited for. I grew up with Star Wars I played with toys as a child and as an adult. I remember as a child asking to watch Star Wars with the Ewoks in (Return of the Jedi) again and again. The recent Star Wars films have been OK but not a patch on the original and I am not going to even mention the Christmas special which is so bad it is on a different level. Anyone who says ‘The Phantom Menace’ was terrible just needs to see the Christmas special to put things into perspective. So however you have celebrated Star Wars Day I hope you have had a good one.

Right before I go I just want to promote something I am involved in on May 18th and 19th. I am in a production of ‘Under Milk Wood’ and it is being performed by Darlington Green Theatre at Voodoo Cafe in Darlington on the dates mentioned above at 7:30pmUnder Milk Wood I am playing a number of roles including Nogood Boyo and Mr Pritchard and it would be great if you could come along to support the group. We are also attempting Welsh accents which is a bit of struggle for me but hopefully I’ll get there.

Well that is it for this week. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend and I will be back next week with another blog post and hopefully get some things sorted out.

So until then I will bid you goodnight and may the force be with you.


Top Programme of the Week – The Graham Norton Show

Top Song of the Week – Paolo Nutini – Fashion

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Lovely Way To Burn by Louise Welsh