Sorry for the lateness of the this weeks blog post but it is finally here. So here is what I have been up to and had on my mind this week.

As it was a Bank Holiday this week I went to the cinema to see ‘Bad Neighbours’. Now me and American comedies don’t usually go well together however this one had Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in it so I thought I would give it ago. I wanted to like it I really did but it just wasn’t funny. There was a mix of ages in the screening and nobody laughed even the teenagers. It did try to have some sort of storyline but it was hard for me to relate to. I would be interested to know what any new parents thought about it. I would give it 1.5/5.

I was going to talk about my health kick and stuff but for the time being I’m not going to. Sorry it’s just that it is a sore subject for me as my parents forget they don’t have to tell the whole family and friends my business. If I want everyone to know full details then I’ll tell them if they speak to me about it and I can then tell them what I want to tell them. I know you are thinking well you talk about personal things on here and yeah it is true but the difference is I am the one telling people nobody else. Maybe in a few weeks time I will discuss it with you but at the moment I will leave it as it will just make me angry and upset again.

This week I attended a celebration drinks reception. This is not usually my type of thing as I often feel very much out-of-place. It was quite a relaxed event and it made me be more confident in myself and socialize more. It was a very nice evening and I came away feeling quite upbeat. It was a shame I had to leave when I did instead of making my Cinderella style dash for the train home.

I have talked often about my love hate relationship with commuting but one thing that does interest me is the other commuters. We all obey the golden commuting rule of never speaking to each other but we do see each other the same time each day. When I get a later train home I am always a little surprised to see some of the commuters who normally get the same train that I do on the same later train. Of course they have lives to and have probably been out for drinks or food after work just like I probably have but I still find it quite an unusual experience. I have my own back stories for them all and the chances are they have of me and when I see them out of sync with their routine it makes me wonder what hey have been doing etc. I know it sounds like I am nosey but it’s just I am curious thats all.

This week saw the first rehearsals for ‘The Tempest’ in the park. I haven’t been to the park since the last performance of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ last year so it was good to be back there. It is a beautiful setting and this year we are using more of the park as we are performing it in promenade so there is plenty of moving about for the audience and the cast. The performances are going to be 26th-29th June and I am playing the roles of Boatswain and Adrian. My joy at being back at the park made me forget the midge and they were their to welcome us back with lots of bites. What we suffer for our art.  Before ‘The Tempest’ though it is Under Milk Wood and that is in just a weeks time. I have really enjoyed rehearsals for this and my love for it is growing every week. I hope to see you at one or both shows.

This weekend it was the annual camp extravaganza that is Eurovision. Our entry this year was really good and we should have been a few places higher than we were but we still improved on recent years. The winner was Conchita Wurst for Austria and the win was a huge thumbs up for LGBT equality. I would like to think that it won because it was also a great song and that her appearance was not involved but I am sure it did help as well. My favourite performance was Denmark with ‘Cliche Love Song’. I also liked Greece, Malta and Switzerland’s entries. If I am being honest it wasn’t the best Eurovision I have seen but it was good to see the voting being more open and a little less political than normal.

Well that is it for this week.I will try to post next weeks blog early on Sunday but if not it will be the Monday after due to my performance in Under Milk Wood. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and I will speak to you all later.


Top Programme of the Week – When Corden Met Barlow

Top Song of the Week – Molly – Children of the Universe

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Lovely Way To Burn by Louise Welsh