Hi everyone! Welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be looking back at Under Milk Wood, She-Ra, Global Corporate Challenge, X-Men and re-evaluation of things in my life.  So as there is a lot to get through I better make a start.

For the last few weeks I have said that I want to update people with things that are going on in my life at the moment and I had hoped I would be in a position to do this by now but still some things need sorting. I promise I will update you all when I can. Saying that I may touch on some things in this weeks post when I am talking about a re-evaluation of my life.

At the end of last weeks blog post I said I was off to my first performance of ‘Under Milk Wood’. Darlington Green Theatre were asked by Darlington Arts Festival to put on a performance of Dylan Thomas’ famous work as it was the centenary of his birth. I said I was happy to take part but I am not very good accents but I gave it ago and I became involved in the show. All the cast played a number of roles. My 2 main roles were Nogood Boyo and Mr Pritchard and other smaller roles included 2nd Drowned, 2nd Boy, Jack Black and Ocky Milkman. Despite my concerns about my Welsh accent I loved the play and fell in love with the characters of Nogood Boyo and Mr Pritchard and had some great lines. The show was only going to be 2 performances and it was just a suggested donation on the door.

Sunday was the first performance and I a combination of nerves and excitement. The room we were performing in was small and quite intimate which meant we could see the audience very well. It was lovely to see some friends in the audience the first night and I hope they all enjoyed it. My biggest concern for the night was getting on and off the high chairs we were on and not tripping over a microphone cable. At the start of the performance I was nervous and felt a little tremble in my leg but as it went on I enjoyed it more and more. I don’t think I did too bad though especially as this was only 6th performance I have done. After the show finished a lot of people congratulated me on my performance which was lovely to hear and apparently my Welsh accent is not bad. The second night also went well although I felt the audience took a little longer to get the humour but they were still great and seemed to enjoy the show and we all got some lovely comments and feedback at the end of the second show. For this performance my parents were in the audience. I know it is often the duty of parents to come to things but I would never force them to come to anything but I do like to have them in the audience supporting me. I was sad when both performances were over as I loved doing it and enjoyed working with the rest of the cast. The more acting I do the more confident I am becoming and I am starting to accept positive feedback. I know that this sounds odd but I am not a very confident person but this experience has helped me grow into a more confident person and thats a great thing.The Tempest

The next production that I am involved in is ‘The Tempest’ 26th-29th June in the South Park, Darlington. I am playing the roles of Boatswain and Adrian. Once again it is outdoors but this year it is in promenade so it will involve both the cast and audience moving around a small part of the park. I hope lots of you can come along to see this production.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I needed to get fitter and lose weight etc. Well along with  some colleagues from work I am taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge which is where teams of 7 have to walk 10,000 steps per person the team each day and try to complete personal challenges over 100 days. I agreed to do it before being told by the doctor to lose weight so it is really good that I am going to be doing this. It starts on the 28th May. This week I received my pedometers ready for the challenge. I hope it goes well and maybe it will mean I get to know my fellow colleagues a bit better and be a bit more sociable at work as I haven’t been interacting much with people.

This week I rediscovered a TV programme from my youth. The programme was ‘She-Ra Princess of Power’. I loved both He-Man and She-Ra but I haven’t watched any episodes of She-Ra since it was on TV in 1985/1986. I loved rewatching some episodes. It is very camp and sparkly and I loved it (can’t possibly think why). The dialogue is terrible but it was of its time and still appeals. It brought back some happy memories and made me wish that I had kept my He-man toys. I didn’t have any She-Ra toys but remember wanting some. Maybe I might try to buy some secondhand figures or if anyone wants to give me any get in touch.

This weekend I went to see ‘X-Men:Days of Future Past’. Now out of all the Marvel films I generally like the X-Men movies because I like the characters and the story. However I did struggle with this latest film. James McAvoy is great as Professor Xavier but so is Patrick Stewart and this also one of the problems with the films. It needed to decide if it was one of the new films or one of the original films instead of trying to be both. I know the title (which is terrible) tries to explain this but it doesn’t work well. It is more X-Men do American Hustle than anything else. I haven’t read the comics but I understand that this is one of the stories from the comics but they have still changed some of the characters around.  I did expect more from this film so I am only going to give it 2.5/5.

Maybe it is because I have lots of things going on at the moment or maybe it is just the time of the year I don’t know but I have the need for a bit of a re-evaluation of my life and maybe need to spring clean aspects of it. Some things are still up in the air especially to do with work but hopefully they be finalised soon. I still need to sort out stating Chartership at some point though. I just need to know how to get started with this but I am sure I can sort that out. My personal life could do with some sorting out as well. It’s not as bad it has been as I am going out and trying to have fun more but I realise I am doing more things on my own instead of socializing more. Even at work I am not really wanting to socialize and I don’t know why. I feel like I don’t have much in common with people. most friends are now married with children and I can’t relate to that and because I know I’m not going to be a parent I am distancing myself from the whole family thing. It is not that I have a problem with it and I am so happy for my friends and family who have their own families but I have to put up a barrier from this because it is something I am not going to have. I am in need of holiday as well but as my main focus is to move out all time and money I have spare is going towards this so a holiday is a no got his year I’m afraid. My life isn’t terrible but it does require me to make more of an effort and some aspects of my life out it just requires a change in attitude from me.

Well that’s enough from me this week. I will try to get my special blog post done this week. I hope you all have a good Bank Holiday and enjoy the coming week. so until next time it is bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Marvel: Agents of Shield

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Frozen: Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Book I Am Currently Reading – Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin