Hi everyone and welcome once again to my weekly blog post. It has been a week of firsts and lasts this week. In this weeks blog I will be updating you all on the Global Corporate Challenge, talking about the first ever Durham Pride and my first ever Pride event, exam celebrations, and the end of book club.  So with all this to talk about I had better get started.

In the last few blog posts I have talked about the Global Corporate Challenge that I am taking part in. We have been doing it for 12 days now and we have another 88 days to go.  The aim is to do 10,000 steps a day. Most days I manage this but I struggle on a Saturday so I need to start thinking about how to improve on a Saturday. My step average at the moment is 12,997 and I have done a total of 142,969 steps and that 57 miles in total. It is not a bad start but I am finding myself become really competitive with my other team members. We are doing brilliant as a team but we all want to beat each other and it is spurring us on to do more steps. The challenge has made me think about how active I am each day and is making me think about how to get more steps. Where possible I have a walk at lunchtime and sometimes on a break time. Even just a short walk all adds to my daily total. If it is a short journey I am trying to walk to anywhere I am going. So if I turn down a lift I’m not being rude it is part of my challenge. The challenge is happening at the perfect time for me as well as I am trying to lose weight at the moment as well. I am making progress with this and lose a little bit most weeks. I am noticing the difference in myself as well and its a good feeling to have.

On Thursday I went along to the first ever Durham Pride. It was a good event and has been a long time coming. It was great to see such good support from the local community and business’ for this event and sent out a really strong message that Durham is supportive of its LGBT community. There is a long way to go but this was a great platform to start with. I want to say a massive well done to everyone who was involved in the organising of the event. It was clear a lot of work had gone into it and it all happened in just 6 months which is incredible. Next years will be even better I am sure. As well as it being Durham’s first ever Pride it was also my first ever Pride event. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect from it. I have seen pictures of other Prides but it is different actually being there. Arriving at the event felt the same as when I first went to a gay bar on my own. It was a combination of excitement, nervousness and feeling a little bit out of my depth. I soon started to enjoy it though and stayed longer than I thought I was going to but had to leave to get some food and get the train home. There were a few stalls giving out information and freebies. It was just like Freshers fair all over again and I came away with lots of goodies include rainbow pants. I was pleased I went to the event and it made me realise I need to get out more and be more sociable. It is also one more thing off my bucket list.

During the week I saw many university students celebrating the end of their exams and the sound of champagne corks popping filled the air. I don’t blame them they have worked hard and the deserve the time to celebrate. I saw some with their champagne and a M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake as part of their celebrations. It made me think about when I finished uni etc and I didn’t do that. We did go out and celebrate on the night though.  It got me thinking back to my time at uni particularly first year when we seemed to eat Sara Lee Chocolate Gateaux’s for celebrations etc. What ever happened to Sara Lee gateaux? I don’t think you can get them anymore. Do tell me if I am wrong.

This week at work it was the last book club meeting. I think it is fair to say everything has its time and it was time to close the book on this. I was a bit sad that I was stopping doing it but I know I can’t commit to it in the way it needs and I want a bit more freedom over what I read from now on. The meeting went well and we all agreed on the book sadly though it wasn’t in a good way. Hopefully I will now have time to read the many books I have on my shelves and Kindle that I have yet to read. I will still be happy to talk about books with people and make recommendations if people want me to just let me know.

Well that is if for this week. Thanks again for reading it. I will be back again next week. So until then bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – The Graham Norton Show

Top Song of the Week –  Sam Smith – Not In That Way

Book I Am Currently Reading – Acts of Omission by Terry Stiastny