Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing the World Cup, and  latest my ATM woes. I’m sorry it is late this week but I have had a busy 24 hrs but will explain in next weeks blog. In the meantime here is this weeks delayed blog post. So let’s get started then.

Whether you are a football fan or not you will know that the World Cup has started in Brazil. This means a few things:

1) lots of football on TV

2) World Cup sticker books

3)World Cup wall charts,

4)England flags everywhere

5)Office World Cup Sweepstake.

I haven’t done the sticker book but I do have a wall chart although it isn’t on my wall but I am filling it in. I haven’t got England flags up either. I am though involved with the office sweepstake and the country that I have is Portugal. They are not a bad team so you never know I might do well. Some people might be surprised that I am interested in football. I admit I am not obsessed with football but I do have an interest in football and not just the players. When I was at university in Sunderland it was difficult to avoid football and I started going to matches and even had a season ticket for Sunderland and I really enjoyed it.  Since finishing university I haven’t been to many matches and have not kept up to date as much as I used to. When I saw the team for England for the World Cup I hardly recognised any of the names and felt out of touch. This is one of the things I like about the World Cup it helps you find out who the top players are. I am enjoying watching the games in the World Cup but I am getting very annoyed at the music that ITV play. It sounds like a very bad holiday advert, The BBC is much better.

I had a bad start to the week. I was trying to plan ahead and decided to get some cash out at the train station. It all seemed OK but then the ATM started beeping and then there was a message of ‘fatal error’ and the screen went blank. There was no chance of it coming back out now or my money appearing. My train was arriving so I got the train and then once at Durham I phoned the bank to sort it out. It was easily sorted and I did eventually get a replacement on Saturday so all is well now.

I’m afraid that is it for this week. As I said it has been a busy 24 hrs and I have a lot to do especially with the play so soon. I will be back to my normal blogging self soon I promise. Thanks again for reading.

Top Programme of the Week – David Beckham Into The Unknown

Top Song of the Week – Passenger – Whispers

Book I Am Currently Reading – Acts of Omission by Terry Stiastny