I  know I know this is very late this week but I have been busy with the performances of ‘The Tempest’ which I will be talking about here. As I am already late with this weeks blog post I had better get started. ‘The Tempest’ has been the main thing happening in my life this week but there have been other things going on as well so I will talk about them first.

I had hoped to get my special blog post for June (it is about the highs and lows of a book club) done last week as I was off work but I just didn’t get it finished in time but I will try to get it finished this month along with my mid year  review post. Hopefully these extra posts will make up for the lateness of this one.

Regular readers of my blog will know I have been trying to lose weight and I have managed to lose over a stone which is great. It has also been noticed by lots of friends and family and it is a great feeling to know that they have noticed a change. I didn’t have the best week for food last week but I am back on my healthy eating again this week so hopefully I will continue to lose weight. I had to go back to the health visitor last week just so she could she how I was doing and she was impressed. I still need to do more exercise though so that is my next challenge. It is all heading in the right direction though.

It was a colleagues retirement meal last week which thankfully I was able to go to as it wasn’t on a day of a rehearsal or performance. It was a lovely night and nice to chat with current colleagues and former colleagues. There was a bit of sadness though because another great colleague has left.

As I have already mentioned this last week was dominated by the play that I was in ‘The Tempest’. At the start of the week I was still trying to learn the role of Trinculo. I knew most of it but I was still doubting myself and didn’t want to let anyone down. However by some miracle I seemed to pull it off and I even enjoyed the role. When I said I would do the role 10 days before the performance I remember putting the phone down and looking at my lines and thinking ‘what have I just agreed to?’ and starting to doubt I could do it. However I worked my socks off and used every opportunity I had to learn the lines. I have to say a massive thanks to Alan and Luke for helping me withe the staging for the scene and although it was tough for me it must have been tough for them to have someone else come in at the last-minute. I wanted to do the role to the best of my ability for a number of reasons 1)I like to do things right, 2)I had a duty to Francis to do the role for him 3)I didn’t want to let the cast down 4)I didn’t want to disappoint the audience. Hopefully I managed to fulfil all of these reasons. I’m sure there were things I could improve on but I was pleased with how I did. Me as Trinculo at Darlington Community Carnival

The big danger to outside theatre is the weather and we were lucky that all 4 performances avoided the rain and went ahead. We had some brilliant audiences and one of the biggest audiences we have ever had on Sunday where there was over 120 people. I would also say Sunday was the best performance that we did. I cannot stress the importance of a good audience for a cast. When an audience is enjoying what they are watching that is picked up by the actors and is the best feeling in the world. I can even understand why people want to do it as a living. I couldn’t do it even if I was talented enough because I like to know I have a regular wage coming in and that is something you don’t often get with acting jobs.

In between all of the performances we were asked to take part in Darlington Community Carnival. We did this last year and it was a lot of fun so I was happy to take part again. It was the same day as Pride in London and I suppose I thought well I am not there so I might as well do some sort of parade even if it is for a different reason.

Now it is all over and I have put away Trinculo’s hat I have had time to reflect a bit on the whole experience and what I have learnt from it. A year ago when I did my first performance I was a bag of nerves all the way through. A year later I still had nerves but I was more confident as a person and as an actor. A couple of other actors in the play said this to me after all the performances and it meant a lot to hear. It is one thing noticing it yourself but means a lot more when others notice it as well. As I said I still have a lot to learn but that will come with time. I also discovered that I should have more faith in my ability and that I can do the near impossible if I put my mind to it. I am so pleased to have an opportunity to do drama again and with each production I learn something new and fall a bit more in love with theatre. I want to say a big thank you to Harry, Glyn, Tony, Barry, Joe, Martin, Luke, Francis, Jonathan, Beth, Zoe, Alan, Katie, Applause Drama School, Kerry, and Yvonne for all the work they put into the show and last but not least thank you to Jo and Alice for putting it all together. It has been great fun. Also thank you to everyone who came to see it I really appreciated it (I’ll take your word if you said you were in the audience because I didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t be sure who was there or not). If you didn’t get to see the show then do no fret because we will be doing 2 performances indoors in October but I’ll talk more about that nearer the time.

Now the play is over there is a void in my life but I will fill that soon. I am looking forward to reading again as I have neglected this recently. I am also going to have time to start looking at places to live if I want to move out this year. So I have plenty to keep me busy. Well until the next blog post bye for now and sorry this is so late.


Top Programme of the Week – Game of Thrones (I haven’t watched any live TV just on demand)

Top Song of the Week – Smash Cast – Broadway, Here I Come

Book I Am Currently Reading – Acts of Omission by Terry Stiastny