Ok this is a bit late but hey it is still a good time to stop and look back at those resolutions that I made back at the start of the year. Some areas I have done well at others have a lot of work to do. So here is my mid year review.

You may remember that I split my resolutions into red, amber and green categories well I am going to do this mid year review with these headings.

Category Red

Get My Own Place

This area still has a lot of work to be done. A friend of mine asked recently have I been looking properly or have I been ‘Tim’ looking. Ouch!! However a good friend can say this and there’s a bit of both if I am honest. I could have maybe done more than I have but I was also very busy with the play and work and didn’t have the time to put in to looking as much as I wanted to. I still hope to move out this year as it is the one thing that will make the biggest difference to me.


Remember the line in the Rembrandt’s song ‘I’ll be there for you’ which is also the theme for ‘Friends’  – “and your love life is DOA”. Well mine doesn’t arrive. I did try a dating website but I just didn’t get anywhere with it. I do need to go out more and meet people which I don’t do. I know I have talked about dating a lot this year but it is one area that I just can’t really control. If I am going to meet someone I suppose it will happen when I don’t expect it. One thing I need to do though is on the rare occasion that I do go out I don’t keep looking down at my phone. I do it because if I am on my own then it is something to do but at the same time I’m not looking at what is going on around me. Maybe the one is waiting for me to put my phone down. Hopefully there will be progress with this. I am open to advice, blind dates, matchmaking etc.

Get out and have more fun – at least one night a month.

At last this is one resolution which I am doing ok at. I have been having at least one night out a month whether it is a trip to the theatre, or drink with mates or a meal out I have done something so this is looking good.


Stress Less 

This is a difficult one to say whether I have done well with this or not. I certainly do think I am more relaxed than I used to be but I still have a lot more to do and need to react better to some situations. This blog helps with my dress as it lets me have a rant which is sometimes all I need especially if I have no one to talk to. I hope to continue my improvement in this area.

Be Happier With Myself

This is another are where I still have some work to do but I would say some considerable progress has been made. Being in the 2 productions this year has helped me grow as a person and be more confident with myself. I also realised I am capable of a lot more if I only believe in myself and push myself a bit more. Other things have made me realise that I need to make more of my life and have achievements in life. They can be small or large achievements as long as I make the effort and do something.

Lose Weight/Be Healthier

This is an area that I am currently doing well at. When I went to the doctors a few months ago and asked for a health check I knew I would need to improve my weight and health. 2 months on and I have lost over a stone in weight and I am feeling good about myself. Taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge is helping with this but more importantly I want to lose the weight and look better. Hopefully I will be a slim toned hunk of a guy by the New Year. OK I know that is pushing it but I hopefully will have lost more weight by then.

Go To More Live Music

For the last couple of years I have only been to one gig each year. So far this year I haven’t been to any gigs but I have booked tickets for 2 later on in the year so I would say this is very good progress with this resolution. I have even thought about a festival but that is too late for this year. Maybe next year for that. For now though it is Kylie and Michael Buble at the end of the year..


Start a professional qualification

I had hoped to have started CILIP Chartership but I haven’t done much about it. When I enquired last year I was told it was changing so it would be best to way until the scheme changed later last year. I have read about it but I haven’t started it. I think it is trying to find where to start and who to talk to about it. I know people who have done it so I should really ask them. I do love the job I do and I can see a big benefit of having the qualification so just need to get a move on with it.

Make Time For Others – meet friends more and get in touch with past acquaintances .

Out of all the resolutions I have made this is the one I feel bad about. For various reasons this year I have been less sociable and not made much time for friends. I can make excuses about work and other people having lives but I could have still sent a text or phoned people more. I have some great friends and have made some great news ones in the last 12 months but I could have been there for them more. I will make more of an effort for the rest of the year to get in touch with friends old and new. Coffee sometime?

Well that is my mid year review. I am pleased that I have made some progress in some areas but there is still a lot of work to do and some I don’t even know where to start. It looks like a busy 6 months ahead.