Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I am going to be discussing Cabinet reshuffle, a short visit to York and an update on the Global Corporate Challenge and how I am doing with my fitness regime. So let’s get started.

In the news this week there was the announcement of the Cabinet reshuffle. I know it is a little bit sad but I love a full Cabinet reshuffle and politics in general. I think it is because when I was growing up my Dad was in local politics and I found it all really interesting and I enjoy the buzz of an election day  and when there is a major Cabinet reshuffle. It is great watching the news and seeing the reporters trying to guess what is going on and then getting surprised when it is  something different. It doesn’t matter which Political Party is in office the excitement is still there. I am guessing I am in the minority here but each to their own. I wish I had done Politics at college now. I don’t think I would ever stand in an election because I don’t want to be that involved in it all but I do find it all very interesting.

This week I was in York for the day for a work meeting. With all of these things the best thing is meeting other people who do the same type of job yellow bike and flowers (Tour de France) you  do and finding out that they have experienced exactly the same thing as well. I am still quite new to it all and I am slowly getting used to all the networking. I am sure it will come in time. The meeting went really well and I even managed to get a brief look in York before my train home. I forget how nice York is even though it is so so close to where I live. What was nice was that they still had lots of the decorations for the Tour de France  still up so I saw a number of Yellow bikes dotted around the place as well as bunting. I’m not a big cyclist but it was nice to see somethings connected with the Tour de France’s visit.

Regular readers will know that I am trying lose weight and just be healthier in general. One of the things I have been doing is the Global Corporate Challenge which is where I have to aim for more than 10,000 steps a day. With all of this I am making progress but I am at a stage where I am finding it slow going and starting to feel guilty if I do fewer steps one day or have chips for the first time in months (which I did Saturday) I know I shouldn’t feel guilty as they are all one offs and the results speak for themselves. The best way to describe it is when I was doing the Great North Run there was a point where it was tough going and I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. I obviously was getting somewhere but it was a struggle more psychological than anything. Now I am just over halfway through the challenge and i have that same feeling. I am increasing my average daily steps, swimming further each week, I am losing weight each week but still it is tough going. I’m just going to have to do what I did in the race and work through it. I am aiming for third place in my team at work. There is no way I will get 1st or 2nd place as those 2 guys are unstoppable so third is my best shot. If I don’t make it fair enough as my main aim is to get to a healthy weight.

Well that is it for this weeks post. Thank you for reading and I will be back again next week.


Top Programme of the Week – John Bishop’s Australia

Top Song of the Week – Barry Manilow -Copacabana 

Book I Am Currently Reading – Presentably Dead by L.A. Van Dijk