Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. I hope you got the time to read my very delayed special post about book clubs earlier this week. I had hoped to have completed that post in June but didn’t manage it, better late than never I suppose. Anyway looking at this weeks post I will be discussing the Commonwealth Games, 3 positives  a day, Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular, a stressful week at work, and Guardians of the Galaxy. So another busy blog post so I had better get a move on.

I am quite glad this week is over as it has been a bit of a stressful week as I have had lots to do and some of them were big tasks. I managed to do it all mainly because I work with great people. But I am still glad it is done and I can focus on other things now. I probably wasn’t great to be around at work or home this week so sorry for that. Hopefully I have rested enough this weekend and will be fresh and relaxed next week.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed on Facebook some friends were posting a status called ‘3 positives a day’. This was where you listed 3 positive things from that day for 5 days. Well I was finally nominated by someone and although reluctant to do it I gave it ago. After the first day I found it a really useful thing to do. We all have days where we think things are bad but when you look at it there will still be something good that happens that day. If you don’t believe me then try listing 3 positives from your day and you will be surprised at how many you have even on a bad day.

One of the things I mentioned in my daily positives was my experience at Starbucks in Durham. I knew this week at work was going to be busy and stressful so coffee was needed big time. All the staff there are great but there are 2 that are my favourites. I know I shouldn’t but I do. Richard is the most cheerful person there and really does cheer me up. The other barista is Tom who just makes my coffee as soon as I walk in. What great service! A guy who makes me coffee without asking what more do I want.

The Commonwealth Games have been the only thing on TV in our house this week and I have been watching a variety of sports. They include this week swimming, diving, gymnastics,and the road race. I am not a big fan of track and field so I haven’t watched that really but I have certainly enjoyed the swimming and diving. I was pleased to see both Tom Daley and Matthew Mitchum get medals. I’m a huge fan of both of them and they are great role models. They have both had lots going on in their lives but prove you can still be successful at the end of it all. It is a shame it is finishing today but it has been really enjoyable to watch and the people of Glasgow should be very proud.

This week I booked a ticket for the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular which is happening next year. It is basically the Dr Who at the Proms concert from last year and involves music from the show and lots of monsters from the show. It should be a great show and I will let you all know about it next year.

After a busy and stressful week I decided that this weekend was about ‘me’ and I had a day of shopping and cinema at the Metrocentre. I didn’t buy much in the end but I did go to the cinema to see ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Now I didn’t have high expectations for this film. To be honest I am bit Marveled out and this was a Marvel story I knew nothing about except there was a racoon with a gun. Still I went along and gave it a go. I won’t spoil it for anyone but I will say it is very silly but in a good way. It is a bit of an emotional roller coaster as it is really funny , quite emotional and lots of action. There are some brilliant quotes and a brilliant soundtrack. I now have a massive crush on Chris Pratt who plays Star-Lord (and Emmet in the LEGO Movie). Honestly I would recommend you see this film, I know you have concerns from the trailer but go with an open mind and you will love it. After seeing it I am remembering different things and loving it more and more and that is a sign of a good film. Oh one thing though it is a Marvel film so there is an extra scene at the end (it really isn’t worth seeing if you are wondering).

While I was sat waiting for the credits to finish so I could see the extra scene at the end the guy next to me started talking to me about the film. He was obviously a big Marvel fan and was talking about Marvel Civil War and other Marvel stuff. What struck me though is that usually people don’t usually talk to each other in a cinema especially to strangers. OK I had sat next to him for 2 hours watching the same film but he was still a stranger. Still it was nice to talk to someone straight away about the film . The stereotype of a geek/nerd is someone who isn’t very sociable but that is not true. We geeks./nerds love talking about stuff to other people. whether that is Dr Who, Star Wars, Marvel etc. I don’t know the guys name but I was pleased he spoke and that he enjoyed the film as much as I did and if by some chance he is reading this thank you for speaking to me.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you again for taking the time to read I do appreciate it. I will be back again next week so until then bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – The Commonwealth Games

Top Song of the Week – Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth – For Good

Book I Am Currently Reading – How We Met by Katy Regan