Hi and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing my progress with the Global Corporate Challenge, attempt at being more social in public, Starbucks, Robin Williams, and the start of a new season and I don’t mean football. So with all this to discuss I had better get started.

I said last week that I was struggling with motivation for the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) but I was going to give the final stage a good go. Well this week I have made a big effort to increase my steps. Hopefully I can continue to improve for this final stage. At the moment my legs are aching after swimming which was followed by going for a coffee and then a long walk (it’s my version of a triathlon I think it could catch on). I have also lost another 1lb this week so that is 20lb’s in total I have lost since May. I’m still overweight according to the BMI but at least I am making progress. For the first time in a long time I thought I looked quite good and that was a good feeling.

This week I have conducted a little experiment. I have not listened to my iPod to and from work and not looked at my phone in public unless I had to use it for making a call or using it to pay for my coffee, take a photo. I was going to do it just for 5 days but thought it would be better to do 7 days. I have basically stopped using apps in public for a week. I am going to do a special blog post about my experience of this so won’t say much more now. I did this experiment because I felt I was becoming anti social and wondered if my iPod and my increasing use of apps was to blame. I hope to write-up my experience next week.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how impressed I was with 2 baristas in Starbucks in Durham as they just made my coffee as soon as I walked in. I praised them on Twitter as well. Well this week when I went in one of them I mentioned it and talked about Twitter. He then wrote#Tim Starbucks my name as #Tim on my cup. It only a little thing but it made me smile. Starbucks Durham haven’t yet started following me on Twitter but maybe one day they will. It is an odd situation though with regards Twitter. People on Twitter are often happy to follow random people and people they know really well but people they see regularly such as staff in shops etc then it is difficult to know whether it is ok to follow or not. Personally I would be happy if they wanted to follow. So if you are reading this and are on Twitter why not follow me. You can see the link on the left-hand side.

This week there was the terribly sad news about Robin Williams’ death. It is always sad when someone so talented passes away but even sadder when someone takes their own life. Robin Williams is one of those actors who I could list films for easily. I haven’t seen them all but I have seen ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Mrs Doubtfire’. I must make an effort to see ‘Dead Poets Society’ and ‘Good Morning Vietnam’. What his death did bring to everyone’s attention is how we support people with depression. At some point in our lives we will experience some form of depression. It is a tough situation to be in and the meat medicine for this is the people around you. You might not notice them but it is up to them to make you notice them. There was a point last year where I felt was falling down the dark hole and couldn’t see the end but I was lucky and friends made me see them and I climbed out of it. They didn’t make the big gesture but something as simples going for a coffee and chat or going for lunch etc makes a huge difference. We all lead busy lives and we become wrapped up in ourselves and we forget those around us. Get in touch with that friend/family member you aren’t speaking to that often you never know it might be just what they need at the moment.

This week with all the walking and less app checking I have been thinking a lot especially what I want to do in the future. I feel I need to make some changes in my life. I have made progress in my life this year but I can do more. I think the biggest thing for me is to have more confidence in myself and ability. I’m working on this but it is tough going. I also need to do more things on my bucket list as I haven’t done much on it and I think it would help me make changes that I need to. Which should I start work on?

This week I noticed the first signs that autumn is on its way. The weather is starting to get cooler and when I was walking in the park I could see the leaves on tress starting to turn golden and chestnuts falling on the ground due to the wind. Autumn is my favourite season so I’m looking forward to it and maybe the change in season is a good time to change me.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks again for reading.

Top Programme of the Week – Tumble

Top Song of the Week – Idina Menzel – Let It Go

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Ruby Slippers by Keir Alexander