Another week over and it is that time of the week for the latest instalment of my weekly blog. This week I will be discussing the ice bucket challenge, Great British Bake Off and ‘What If’ moments. So let’s get started then.

First of all I am sorry I haven’t written up that blog post about me using my phone and iPod less. It is getting there and I will make an effort to get it done this week. I have a week off work this week so I have no excuses not to do it. My plan for this week off is to relax and recharge my batteries. Work has been a bit hectic so it is nice to have a week off from everything and rest. This year has been a busy one and I haven’t really had time to stop and reflect on things and start planning my next steps. I also haven’t had time to do things such as read, bake or watch movies etc so I hope to get some of this done as well.

In last weeks blog post I nearly discussed my thoughts about the ice bucket challenge but I held off. Since then I have had nominations to do the challenge  and seen most of my friends and their friends, family etc all do the challenge. I am not doing the challenge not because I am being a party pooper but because I think the whole challenge thing has gone too far and people have forgotten what the purpose is for. I haven’t donated to the charity in question either but I have donated to several charities this week to support friends who are doing the Great North Run next weekend. Now that is what I call a challenge. If other people want to do the ice bucket challenge then that is great but I will politely decline. Nobody should ever feel pressured into supporting a charity and I feel that the ice bucket challenge does have some peer pressure attached to it and I feel uncomfortable with that. I support various charities throughout the year and spent 10 years as a volunteer for a local charity and have run the Great North Run for charity as well so I do my bit.

This week one of the few TV shows I watched this week was the Great British Bake Off. I have been a fan of the show for a few years now and it is great to have it back on the TV. It always amazes me how passionate people get over cake on in this weeks case Baked Alaska. There was controversy when one of the contestants left someone else’s ice-cream out of the freezer and it didn’t set so he threw it all in the bin. Social Media and the Press have made a huge thing of this week and some of it got really nasty. I think the editing of the show made it look worse than it actually was. What we didn’t see in the main show but we did in the Extra Slice show was another contestant earlier dong work to his Baked Alaska with the freezer door open and the same ice-cream was in this freezer so this wouldn’t have helped either but audience didn’t see this in the main show. Yes Diana shouldn’t have left it out and should have apologised when she realised but it was an accident and nothing malice. The big question is should Iain have lost his temper and thrown everything in the bin? The rules of the competition are that the bakers have to present something at the end of the challenge and he could have still presented the cake and merengue and explained why he couldn’t present his ice cream. I would like to say this is what I would do but I do know I can get stressed and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of me throwing it in the bin either. I suppose we don’t really know what we would have done if we were him. What I do know is that it is just a show about cake and we shouldn’t get too invoked with results etc. Just sit back and enjoy watching the show with a biscuit and a cup of tea.

Although I have been busy with work and stuff recently I have been thinking about things, in particular ‘what if’ moments. We all have them, those moments when we look back and think what if I said something or done something. Wherever we all are in our lives we have reached it by making decisions when given choices to make. That is what life is all about making choices. Sometimes though I wonder about certain situations and think ‘what if’ I had said what I wanted to say or ‘what if’ I went to that event instead of saying home. There is a musical called ‘If/Then’ which is about this very idea and looks at a character played by Idina Menzel and the 2 different paths she could go down and what happens down these 2 paths. It is of course too late now to change my mind about any of my ‘what if’ moments and I haven’t got a musical to explore the different paths my life could go down. Instead like the rest of us I have to make the most of life and take more of an active role in what happens in my life and not drift along as I usually do. For too long I have regretted not acting on opportunities that have come my way and now I want to make the most of these opportunities and maybe even make some opportunities myself and not turn back. I know this all sounds a bit deep and I’m probably over thinking stuff as I usually do but it is something that has been on my mind lately as there have been things recently that have made me think what if I said what I wanted to say. Tomorrow it is the start of a new month and a good time to start adopting this philosophy.

Well that is it for this week. Sorry it got a bit deep and the end there. I’m sure it has come across a bit odd partly because I haven’t explained things well and this isn’t the place to discuss my life in that much detail (yes I do keep somethings to myself). Maybe I need that rest more than realise. anyway until the next time it is bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton – You Can’t Make Old Friends

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Ruby Slippers by Keir Alexander