Wow has it really only been a week since my last blog post? This week has been a long and tough week which is why it feels a lot longer than seven days. In this weeks blog post I will be discussing Scottish Independence Referendum, Apple Key Note Product Launch and that free album, family stuff, and the movie Pride.

After my week off I was back at work this week and it has been a busy one. On top of this there has been some family stuff going on. I mentioned in last weeks blog that I had received some bad news regarding a family member. My uncle (who is also my godparent) had been in an accident and suffered a fall and has sustained a head injury. He is currently in hospital and as you would expect the family are all concerned. No family member was with him so we don’t know exactly what happened but we understand some youths were on bikes near him when he fell. They may not be to blame but they may have seen something and because of this an appeal was put out in the local paper asking for them to come forward. As yet I haven’t heard if any new information has come forward but hopefully it will. It was a surreal experience seeing the headline board outside the newsagent with the story on. Partly because it said OAP and I don’t think of my Uncle as an OAP and secondly it was about a family member. Normally it is someone else but this time the someone else is part of my family. I partly hoped the story was about someone else but I knew there was going to be an appeal in the paper that day so I guessed it was that. I walked to the train station with it on my mind and once on the train I read the story on my phone. I was already feeling tired and emotional and I had to fight back the odd tear. On the newspaper website there were a lot of comments and although it is nice to see people’s best wishes I didn’t like the debate over whether people on bikes should be in a pedestrian area or not. That is for others to look at it and at a different time and not now.  I do want to say a big thank you to everyone on social media who shared the appeal on their timelines and have offered support it means a lot that you have done that. In the meantime we are crossing everything for his recovery.

When you are having a bad time sometimes people brighten your day in a little way. On the day of the newspaper article I was feeling low but when I went and got my coffee from Starbucks the baristas really cheered me up by just chatting to me.  We ended up talking about books as they found out I was a librarian. It was just a little conversation but enough to pull me up a bit. After work that night I went for drinks with some friends and it was just what the doctor ordered. Those two events really made a difference to me so thank you to those baristas and mates.

In last weeks blog post I discussed the Scottish Independence Vote. In the last week the fight has really intensified and sometimes it has been unpleasant to watch. For too long the No Campaign has been negative and said Scotland would suffer financially if they went it alone. Maybe that is true or maybe it isn’t. No one really knows.  There have been critics about the No campaign and I can understand that but what people forget is that the rest of the UK are not bothered about policies and stuff regarding Scotland we just don’t want them to go. It is a like a divorce case you hope it will be pleasant and civil but often it gets personal and a little bit nasty but it is because deep down we are upset that you might leave. So Scotland please don’t leave the United Kingdom, I know you don’t trust the Conservatives and the Coalition Government and you have doubts over the leadership of Ed Miliband but the rest of the UK feel exactly the same. Have more powers to govern but stay in the Union we want you to because you are part of us and we are better together let’s just hug it out. This time next week the result will be known and the United Kingdom will be a different place whatever the result.

This week Apple had their big product launch.  It was the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and the iWatch. I love Apple products and for the time being I will stick with an iPhone although I am not due an upgrade until next year. By then there will be a new phone out anyway. I have to admit I do like the iWatch although I am not sure how practical it would be to have. I would have to charge the battery each day and I do think that is a design fault with a watch. It does look good but then at a price of £250 it should do. Despite all the interest in these new products the big criticism has not been about the huge costs of the products but the free music album that has been put in everyone’s iTunes account. Free album you say, I didn’t know about it. Well if you check your iTunes Library you will find the new U2 album ‘Songs of Innocence’ sat their waiting for you to listen to. This has caused so much anger mainly because it is U2 and people seem to have a thing against U2 especially Bono. People have said it is wrong that Apple can force you to listen to an album you don’t want to, and they have no right to do this etc etc. Well let’s just calm down. No one is forced to listen to it. If you don’t want it then delete it simple as that. It is no different to those free CD’s you get in Newspapers is it. Ir remember getting a Prince album in one paper and I didn’t want it but it was there and I just got rid of it. Maybe Apple should have made it available for free but letting the customer decide if they want to download it or not, just like they do with the single of the week that they have. Still I am not offended about the free album and I have put it on my iPod. I am not a huge U2 fan but I don’t mind them so it is all good with me.

After having a busy and emotional week I decided to have a laid back weekend. I haven’t been swimming, I have just relaxed and rested. I do however go to the cinema to see the movie Pride. This is a true story about the Gay community supporting the miners during the Miners strike in the 1980’s. I absolutely loved the film and not just because I am a gay man but because it is about solidarity and support for others in difficult times. I had my heart warmed and broken at the same time. By the end of the film I was sobbing and wanted to wave in my fist in the air as a mark of solidarity (instead I just did a little clap) and it made me want to come out all over again. This films shows why it is hard to come out especially if you grew up in the 80’s under Thatcher. It is such an uplifting film and I urge every one of you to see this film.

Well that is it for this week. thank you gain for taking the time to read this I do appreciate it honestly. I’m still trying to decide on what this months special blog post will be about. If you have any ideas then let me know. In the meantime I hope you all have a good week and I will speak to you all later.

Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Kate Bush  – Wuthering Heights

Book I Am Currently Reading – Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh