Well it is that time of the week again. This week I will be discussing iOS8, Phones4U, Scottish Referendum and the Global Corporate Challenge. So without further ado I will get started.

It is has been another tough week this week in all aspects of my life. I know we all have tough times but you usually find at least one aspect of your life doing OK.  When they are not OK every little thing can get to you and that little demon of self-doubt becomes bigger. You forget all the good stuff you have done or can do and just see the faults. Over the last few days I have been thinking a lot and realised there are good things in my life and they are the things I am going to focus on. I need to start believing in myself more and use the good things in my life to move forward and advance to the stage of my life where I am happy. All the negativity, doubts and doubters can stay behind I don’t have room for this. I don’t need that/it/them in my life so I’m moving on without it. This weekend is when my restart begins.

It is not just me that is having an upgrade/restart. Like many Apple Nerds out there I downloaded iOS8 this week. After having to delete most of the things of my phone including the U2 album we were all given without choice I was able to start the download. I started the download at 7pm and it said it would take about 3 hours. Three hours later it was now saying about 4 hours. It eventually finished downloading at around about 10am the following day. This was just my phone I still had my iPad to do. This was thankfully quicker but I did leave it a couple of days.  My verdict of iOS8 is that I don’t see much difference. There are some new compulsory apps such as Health and Tips, some new wallpapers, and the predictive text is a bit fancy but apart from that it is very similar.  Being an Apple Nerd/Geek is an interesting experience and despite any problems we stay loyal to the brand. I’m not sure why we just do.

This week the mobile phone retailer Phones4U went into administration. It is always sad when a company goes into administration and I hope that all the staff manage to get new jobs quickly. For the last few years I have been a customer of Phones4U and currently have a JUMP contract with them. This allows me to upgrade my handset every 6 months if I wish to. However this is not an option at the moment and I am unable to cancel my contract because the administrators haven’t made a decision yet regarding JUMP so if I cancel the contract now I will be in breach of my contract. I hope to hear further information soon.

The big news story this week was of course the Scottish Independence Vote. In my last few blog posts I have talked about why I believed Scotland should stay so I was certainly pleased with the result. On Thursday night I admit going to bed a little anxious because when I woke the following morning I may find I was in a smaller country. OK that’s a bit dramatic but it was odd to think it could happen. I set my iPad up on bedside table on silent but I could still see results when they came up. My plan was to stay awake until the first result but I must have dozed off and then woke after the first result had come in. This put the NO campaign ahead and it gave me a little encouragement so I turned it off and went to sleep. Well I tried to sleep and I did wake a couple more times in the night and kept checking the result. When it was finally time to get up I was a bit tired but so pleased to see the result was a resounding No, I am sure I wasn’t alone breathing a sigh of relief on Friday morning. I know this result is having an impact still as it is raising the topic of devolution for England as well as more powers to the rest of the UK. My first thought is that the promises made to Scotland need to be kept because if not and there is another vote then we will lose Scotland. The proposal that has been made suggesting that MP’s would vote on issues only for the country they have a seat in makes a lot of sense but forma political party point of view it would mean a party in Government may find they don’t always have a majority. Because of this Labour are now unhappy to support the promise that was made. It is the first I have heard Ed Miliband  say regarding the Scotland and independence as he didn’t seem to out up much of a fight for the Union instead his predecessor saved the Union. As a supporter of Labour I am totally disillusioned with the Labour leadership and this another reason why he doesn’t deserve to win the next election. He is the worst leader the Labour Party have had for years. I am now unsure how I will vote in the next election. although 8/9 months is a very long time in Politics. It is clear this result has shaken the political sphere and that has been helped by a large turnout, 84.59% of the electorate turned out to vote. That is amazing to see and it should have been as high as this because elf the importance of it. In the last General Election the turnout nationally was 65.1% and in local elections it can be a lot lower. It proves people can get off the sofa and have their voice heard. Politics affects all aspects of our lives and an election is our chance to have our say so remember that next year.

Regular readers will know that I was recently involved in the Global Corporate Challenge. The 100 day step challenge has now finished and to celebrate that there was a little award ceremony at work for all the teams involved from my organisation. It was the first time we had seen the other teams and it was a nice way to end the challenge. The biggest delight though was seeing a colleague/mate receiving the ‘Spirit of the GCC Award’. He more than deserving of this award and he did inspire the rest of the team as well as other work colleagues. After a tough week it was nice to see something good happen.

Well that is it for this week. Maybe next week I will have a more upbeat week. I can only hope. so until next time bye for now.


Celebrity Spotted: Bill Bryson


Top Programme of the Week – Great British Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – Sam Smith – Restart

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Wake by Paul Kingsworth