Hi everyone. I’m sorry the lateness of this blog but I have had a bit of a busy weekend so this the first time I have had to get it done so sorry to regular readers who missed it on Sunday evening. This week I will be discussing baking, to do lists,  jumping fish, the indulgence of buying a hardback book and getting ready for winter. So with all this to discuss I will get started.

Last week I did some baking. I haven’t done as much as I thought I would this year. Usually the Bake Off on TV inspires me and I would be filling the kitchen with cupcakes. OK maybe that is an exaggeration but you get the idea. The reason I did the baking this time was because we were doing a cake day at work for charity to celebrate the end of the Global Corporate Challenge. I decided to make Aztec cookies but as I was unable to find any coffee chocolate and any edible gold dust they were just double chocolate cookies. The were bigger than I thought they were going to be. By big I mean fat but apparently that isn’t a problem when it comes to cookies. According to Twitter there is no such thing as too big a cookie. The main thing is that everyone seemed to like them so maybe I will do them again.

Most areas of my life seem quite busy at the moment and work is certainly no exception. It is always the same at this time of year so there is nothing new there. I have noticed my To Do List for this month only has five empty spaces left. Hopefully they can remain empty for the rest of the month but I am not sure they will. As well as work this last week has seen the return of rehearsals as we are once again performing ‘The Tempest’. Thankfully this time it will be indoors and hopefully it goes just as good as the performances in the park in the summer.  So so far October is proving to be a very busy month but I am sure it will all be good in the end.

As it has been a busy few weeks I thought I would try to make the most of quiet opportunities. One of these opportunities is a walk along the river on my morning commute. As it is still light on a morning it is quite a nice walk along the river bank. I did this twice in the last week and on both occasions I saw fish jumping in the river. I have never noticed this before and it is lovely to see. I am sure there are not many commutes where you see fish jumping. I don’t know what type of fish they were but they were relatively big and silver. I am not sure how many more light mornings there will be but I hope to get to do the walk again sometime soon before winter truly arrives.

In the last week  I treated myself to the new David Nicholls novel ‘Us’. It has just come out and I did that rare thing and bought it in hardback. I always feel buying a book in hardback is a very indulgent thing to do as a reader as I could just wait until the paperback is out or wait for a cheap copy on Kindle. however there are certain authors I will buy straight away in hardback and David Nicholls is one of these authors. I also bought it from a bookshop rather than buy online as it is a special experience buying in the shop. I have decided that any books I buy in print I will buy in a bookshop but I will still buy e-books for my Kindle from Amazon. I think that is a fair deal. I have started reading ‘Us’ and it is so far very good. I do admit to giving up on ‘The Wake’ by Paul Kingsnorth as I was struggling with the form of old English. Maybe one day I will go back to it.

In the last few weeks it really has felt that winter is coming and I have started to prepare for the cold days and nights. I have a new winter coat this year which I love and is so comfy to wear. I have also bought a new duvet this week as it is nice to have a new comfy duvet with all the cold weather. Finally i have stocked up on porridge in readiness for those cold mornings that are starting to arrive. As they say on Game of Thrones “Winter is coming”.

Well that is it for this week. Sorry again for the lateness of this weeks blog post I will try to be on time this weekend.

Top Programme of the Week – Gogglebox

Top Song of the Week – Adam Jacobs – Proud of Your Boy

Book I Am Currently Reading – Us by David Nicholls