Hi everyone and once again I am sorry for the lateness of this blog. This week I discuss the blurred boundaries between myself and Starbucks baristas, rehearsals, and feeling under the weather.

I know I have talked a lot about Starbucks and my morning visits on the way to work. Well I feel now that the line between customer and barista is now blurred. At first it would be “morning” followed by my coffee order then a thank you and I would leave, this then progressed to “Morning Tim”.  Over the months this started to include “long day at work Tim?”. A few months later it then progressed to discussing Batman, Football, Power Rangers and what my drink on a night out is. Recently it has moved to the careers and relationships topic. It is like the oddest dating experience but without the romance (sounds like a typical date for me actually). The conversations tend to be them telling me what is happening in their life. I find I don’t give that much information away to them. At this rate it must be only a matter of time before the add me on Facebook or Twitter and that will blur the boundaries even more. I wonder what they think of their customers where this blurring happens?

Rehearsals are well and truly under way for The Tempest as it is very near to performance now. It is great to see everyone again but with so much going on at the moment my head is whirling all over the place and I am just very tired. I am sure it will all be fine on the night. I need to put some more work into my role but I am sure it will come. Although it has meant my life has been a little bit more hectic recently I have been enjoying it all. It will be nice to have a few months off though before the next production I am involved in.

As there has been so much happening in my life at the moment I haven’t had much chance to just stop and have some time for myself. On Saturday I think this all caught up with me. I managed to get through most of Strictly but I was sick and very tired and had to go to bed just as Dr Who was starting. I then didn’t wake up until 9am on Sunday. I guess it was tiredness that made me feel unwell as I never sleep as long as that and I certainly don’t miss Dr Who so I can sleep. Hopefully things will settle down in the coming weeks. It is really scary that it is nearly November and I am starting to think back over the year and what I have achieved and what I haven’t. I think I need to make the most of November and December this year.

That is it for this week/last week . All being well normal blogging services should resume on Sunday. Thanks for your patience and for taking the time to read it. So until next time it is bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – Gotham

Top Song of the Week – Spice Girls – Holler

Book I Am Currently Reading – Us by David Nicholls