Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. I can’t believe we are now into November and thoughts are turning towards Christmas. anyway in this weeks blog post I will be discussing alarm clock and dark mornings and evenings, the case for library fines, Halloween,  the Poppy Appeal and preparations for Christmas. So let’s get started.

Now that the clocks have gone back it is very dark first thing on a morning and also when I leave work. This usually means I want to go into hibernation mode and by that I mean wearing jumpers, comfort food and an increase in the difficulty of getting out of bed. This week I decided I would buy a new alarm clock. The one I had was ok but was the buttons were not working great so it was awkward to set the alarm etc. I have had it since 1999 so I think I have had my money’s worth from it. So after a lot of searching online and reading lots of reviews I finally went for a clock radio (DAB radio). I have never had a clock radio and always thought of them as being for old people but maybe I have reached that age where I am a clock radio type of person. I ordered it online and it arrived a few days later. I am really pleased with it and it has done the job and woken me up. I have set it so the radio wakes me up as I like the idea of waking up slowly to music but I had doubts whether it would loud enough to make me. It did though although I think I wasn’t sleeping well that night because I was thinking would it work? It is like when you are staying in a hotel and you need to be up at certain time but are worried you will sleep in so you don’t sleep that well. Anyway I have been using for a few days now and it seems to be working and I am waking up to Radio 2. I am not even ashamed to say I like Radio 2.

This week there was a story in the news about Sheffield University Library scrapping fines for late books. It appears to have been a popular decision with library users there but is it really a good idea to scrap fines. I work in a library and I don’t like fining library users. Honestly librarians don’t enjoy this part of the job but we realise there need to be rules so that a library remains a shared resource. Many users think that library fines are used to pay staff wages, or have a staff party/trips etc. This is not true they go back into the library and replace lost and damaged books (by damaged I don’t just mean accidents I mean highlighting, notes in pen, cutting out paragraphs because they don’t want to photocopy or let any of their classmates read that crucial paragraph). As well this libraries need some system/rule in place so that they get the books back. Over recent years I have seen a change in attitude from library users where they saw it as a shared resource to it being their own personal copy. Maybe nowadays fines are not the deterrent they were maybe instead a of fines a library could cut access to their online resources in the library. Personally I don’t see what is wrong with fines and after all it is possible to not get any library fines. If you are responsible and know when your books are due back then you won’t get fined. If you return them late then you have a fine. That is the rule and life is full of rules. This is just my humble opinion and everyone will have their own thoughts on it.

It was Halloween this week and it was another quiet affair for me. We did have a few trick or treaters this year which is a change from the last few years. I did watch a Halloween themed film though and I went for ‘Warm Bodies’. It is basically a Zombie version of Romeo and Juliet and it was quite good. I am not a big horror fan and if I do pick a scary film it is usually vampires or witches. I haven’t seen many zombie films so this was a some sort of progress I suppose. I think I need to make more of an effort with Halloween next year. It has been too long since I last went to a Halloween party and really celebrated the night. After all who doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up in a monster costume.

In last weeks blog post I mentioned that I was thinking about buying a Poppy badge instead of the traditional paper one but I wasn’t sure if it was right to do so. After a lot of thinking this week I decided to order one from the Poppy Shop . It arrived very quickly and it is very nice. I decided to get one because at the end of the day it is about showing your support for the Royal British Legion and helping servicemen and women and their families who have been injured or killed in conflict. Although I will have it for number of years I will promise to donate money each year but still wear the Poppy that I have bought. I wish I had the chance to see the amazing Poppy artwork at the Tower of London but it is not going to happen, it looks amazing and is a beautiful tribute to those who died in the First World War.

Now that Halloween is over I am now starting to think about Christmas. I have ordered my LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar and started thinking about what presents to buy. I also need some Christmas cards. I have decided this year though I am not sending a card to everyone I know. I feel a little bad about this but it will mean but not everyone likes getting a Christmas card (although I do). Basically if I send a card to you this year then it means you have been an important person in my life this year and I want to say thank you. Hopefully I won’t forget anyone as that will be awkward now I have said this. I am trying to find some nice cards and would like to get cards that either support a charity I like and/or have a theme that I like. That is my challenge for this month. I better get making some lists.

Well that is it for this week. thank you again for reading this blog post and I will do it all again next weekend.


Top Programme of the Week – Gotham

Top Song of the Week – Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway