Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog post. This week I will be discussing my week off work which involves a new bookcase, Kylie concert, The Imitation Game, iPhone 6, Homecoming and getting ready for Christmas. So let’s get started then.

As I have just mentioned I have had a week off work this week. I have certainly been ready for the time off. At the start of the week all my tiredness finally caught up with me and I was very sleepy and a bit run down. Thankfully after a couple of days I was OK and ready for my busy week. I finally got around to getting a new bookcase this week. I suppose it is hazard of my job that I love reading and keep buying books. For about a year now I only had space on my book shelves up to ‘T’ (Yes I do shelve my books in alphabetical order by author]. The rests of the alphabet were in bags on my bedroom floor or just laying on top of other books on shelves. It had been bugging me for ages and I finally got a nice bookcase. I offered to help my Dad put it up. I saw it as one of those lovely Father, son bonding experiences but in reality my Dad just took over and I held things when he asked me to. This was probably a safer option as it reduced the risk of falling out. The bookcase got built and I shelved my books plus some LEGO on it. I can now rest easier knowing my book are in order once again.

We all have our favourite musical artists. For me it Kylie Minogue. I know this sounds like a stereotype but I have liked her from day 1. From the early days as Charlene in Neighbours to “I Should Be So Lucky” to “Spinning Around” I have enjoyed listening to her music. I admit the more indie stuff she did was not my favourite period but I didn’t hate it. Kylie at NewcastleThroughout my childhood Kylie’s music was always been there.The second record that I bought in my life was “I Should Be so Lucky” [the first was Tiffany ‘I Think We’re alone Now]. I even remember one family holiday to Llandudno where I bought an orange hat/cap/beret thing with Kylie’s face on. At the time I thought it was amazing and wouldn’t take it off. Thankfully for me and everyone else I no longer have it. I also remember playing my Kylie album all the way in the car for 6 hours on my way to my aunts, my parents still haven’t forgiven me. I suppose the modern equivalent of that is the Frozen album. Anyway what I am trying to say is I am a massive Kylie fan but have never seen her live. I have always wanted to but either I missed the chance of a ticket, or they were too expensive or didn’t have anyone to go with. This time however I decided enough of excuses and just went ahead and booked my ticket for the ‘Kiss Me Once’ Tour. I was so pleased I did. I had a standing ticket so I knew I had to be at the arena early to get a decent space. I ended up at the front of the main standing area which was right next to the golden circle area. Essentially I had the same view as those who had paid a premium price for their ticket. I couldn’t believe how close I was to her and I danced and sang my heart out all night. It was the biggest and best gay disco I have ever been to.

Here is the set list for the show at Newcastle

Breathe -Intro
Les Sex
In My Arms
Bauhau Disco[Interlude]
Step Back in Time
Spinning Around
Your Disco Needs You
On a Night Like This
Enjoy Yourself [Interlude]
Hand on Your Heart / Never Too Late / Got to Be Certain / I Should Be So Lucky
Skirt [Interlude]
Need You Tonight – cover of the INXS song
Nu-di-ty [Interlude]
Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Kiss Me Once
Get Outta My Way
Love at First Sight
Better the Devil You Know [just part of the song. Audience request]
The Loco-Motion
All the Lovers

Into the Blue

I like that she perform songs from across her career and particularly liked the 80’s section where she recreated the bath scene from the video of ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ although this time with some very sexy dancers. She also performed my favourite Kylie track ‘Hand On Your Heart’ which made me very happy. It wasn’t only the music that was amazing the costumes and visual effects particularly the lasers during ‘On A Night Like This’ were awesome. It is always a bit scary going to see your favourite band/musician/actor etc because they may not live up to your expectations. For most of my life I have been a fan of Kylie so to finally see her live is a childhood and life ambition realised and more importantly she didn’t disappoint. Hopefully I will get to see her live in concert again sometime. Thank you Kylie for one of the best nights in my life.

As well as spinning around to Kylie all week, I went to the cinema to see ‘The Imitation Game’. This is biopic of Alan Turing. He is the person behind breaking the Enigma Machine during the War but was later arrested and sentenced to chemical castration for being gay. I thought the film was very good but maybe could have gone further with how  bad he was treated in the end of his life. It is sad that society allowed him to be treated in such a horrible way for just being gay. His actions during the War saved millions of lives, he is a War Hero and we did that to him. Although it may not be the most cheerful of subjects it is still worth seeing as it has a really good cast. There is a bit of a TV movie feel to it and this might be why the film doesn’t go further with some parts of his life but I would put it down because of this.

This week I finally was able to upgrade my mobile phone. I didn’t think it was going to be possible but the JUMP contact with Phones4U has now ended due to them going into administration. This means I am now free to upgrade with Vodafone. I have stuck with Apple and got an iPhone 6. I have to say I am impressed. I wasn’t sure I would be because I didn’t think it would be that different but it actually is. It is a lot bigger than the previous phone and I like the larger screen. It was something that I had been wanting in a phone and had been tempted by Samsung. This is the best of both worlds for me.

On Friday night I went along to the World War 1 event in town ‘Homecoming’. It was a live theatre event that told the story of events in Darlington during World War 1. It was quite a harrowing event and hearing the names of people killed from the town during the War was a very haunting experience. I had never thought about World War 1 and what impact it actually had on my town and this made me see what life was like in Darlington during this time. It was even more fitting with it being Remembrance Day on Tuesday.

While I have had some time off this week I have started my Christmas preparations. I have bought my  Christmas cards, planned what I am buying people, seen the Fenwick window display, had a photo taken with Monty the Penguin, getting some Christmas reads sorted out and eating plenty of mince pies. I am fighting the urge to put Christmas music on but I will stay strong and hold out until December 1st. This is the most organised I have ever been for Christmas. I still have lots to do but I am feeling pleased that I have made some progress. I do like this time of the year.

Well that is it for this week. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I will be back again next week with another weekly blog post. So until then bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Gogglebox

Top Song of the Week – Kylie Minogue – Hand On Your Heart

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway