Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post of December. I still haven’t finished my special blog post about the Geek Box subscription service but I hope to get it done soon. Anyway in this weeks blog post I will be discussing December colds, LEGO Advent Calendar, Christmas preparations, Michael Buble Concert, Christmas market and carol service. So let’s get started.

After weeks of escaping it I finally succumbed to the head cold that is going around this week. I could feel it starting last weekend and sure enough by Monday I was turning into a snot monster. Thankfully the worst of it was over with by the end of the week as I had a busy weekend planned. Hopefully that will be it and I will be OK for Christmas.

Now that it is December that means I can start opening my Advent Calendar. Once again this year I have LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. I really enjoyed last year’s especially the mini figures that were inside. I like them when they are Christmas themed as well as it means I can keep them as future Christmas decorations. My favourite this wLEGO Avent Calendareek has to be the grumpy Stormtrooper wearing a Santa hat. Although putting the pieces together each morning is a bit taxing it is better than eating chocolate at 6am.

Up until this week I thought was being quite organised for Christmas but all of a sudden I seem to be behind schedule with stuff. I have started writing my cards but haven’t finished them, I still have presents to get, wrapping paper to buy, start reading Christmas books, wrap presents, watch Christmas movies, and do some christmas baking. Some of these things I need to do fast as I have some holiday to use at work so will finishing early for Christmas so need to get some things done in the next couple of days. I need to get myself back on track with regards Christmas this week.

On Friday night I went to see Michael Buble in concert at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. I have always heard great things about him as a performer and this was the first chance that I had to see him live. It was a sell out show and it was filled mainly with women who had dragged their other halves along (probably because they had paid for the ticket as a Christmas present). After recovering from the shock for the price of the programme £20 (£40 if you bought a signed one) I went and found my seat. While sat waiting for the start of the show I noticed all the pictures go Michael in the programme seemed wipeable. This was a little disturbing but should have been a warning to me about how his fans behave. It was a great show although I was a little disappointed he didn’t sing any Christmas songs but I suppose ‘Buble is for life and not just for Christmas’. Michael bible is a natural showman and had the entire audience in the palm of his hand. The effect he has on women is amazing, to be fair he did it for me as well but I did manage to control myself. He simply has to click his fingers (and he has a loud a powerful click) or do a knee slide and he has women screaming with joy.Michael Buble Newcastle He whips them up into a frenzy and any men in the audience just have to endure it. I have never been grabbed by women so much in all my life. Obviously totally wasted on me but still it wasn’t what I expected from a Buble concert. any single straight men out there looking for love I suggest a Buble concrete will not fail. My highlights from the show were his performances of ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’, ‘Feeling Good’, ‘Backstreets Back’, ‘Home’, ‘Everything’,  ‘Crazy Love’, ‘All You Need Is Love’, ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ and ‘A Song For You’. He performed the last verse of ‘A Song For You’ without any headset or microphone. It was just his voice in the arena and it was amazing. To do this at the end of a 2 hour show takes some doing and proves he is a natural talent.

Here is the set list for the show:


Haven’t Met You Yet

Try a Little Tenderness

You Make Me Feel So Young


Come Dance with Me

Feeling Good

I’ve Got the World on a String


Backsteet’s Back

That’s All

Close Your Eyes

Crazy Love



Get Lucky

Who’s Loving You

I Want You Back

To Love Somebody

All You Need Is Love

Burning Love

It’s a Beautiful Day

Cry Me a River (Julie London cover)

Save the Last Dance for Me

A Song For You

The day after Buble I went to what is now the library annual Christmas Festivities in Durham. This is made up of food, Christmas carols and shopping in the Christmas market on the look out for mulled wine and Christmas decorations. It was a lovely day as it has been a while since we did something like this. I love going to the carol service as it is something that disappeared for many years in my life. I remember at school we always seemed to sing Christmas carols but once I left school I just stopped. Now I get to enjoy them all over again but this time in the splendour of Durham Cathedral. This is the real start date for Christmas for me so hopefully I will now start to fully get into the festive spirit.

That is it for this week. Sorry for the lateness it has just been one of those weekends. Hopefully I will be on time next week.


Top Programme of the Week – Remember Me

Top Song of the Week – Idina Menzel & Michael Buble  – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Book I Am Currently Reading – Funny Girl by Nick Hornby